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    A Nation's Anger Misplaced?

    With the recent failures of the local, state, and federal government's handling of Hurricane Katrina, much of the nation has turned to demand answers to some difficult questions from each level. Is this how it should be? I live in Oregon. I am not a constituent of either Mayor Ray Nagin or...
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    What makes a just government?

    What is it about a government that makes one system more just than another. For those of you who believe democracy to be the best form of government, what characteristic does it produce/possess that makes it more just over other forms? Same question for those who believe socialism, communism...
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    Anti-War/Anti-Bush = Anti-American

    Okay, with my extreme liberal views, it is quite common for me to be rebutted as "Anti-American" or "Anti-Troops" or a "coward" or a "terrorist lover" followed by telling me to leave the country. After hearing this so many times, it starts to take a toll and forces you to reflect on if to some...
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