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  1. Simba

    Steep rise in German left-wing crime reported, but no terror wave

    I spend a few weeks a year at a home I have in Germany, for reasons only I need to know. I believe when I talked with the assistant police chief during my last visit, we had the most horrible crime committed in the village of Bad ??????????. Someone broke into a dentist office and stole a tank...
  2. Simba

    What is your background pic??

    My desktop background. Hmmm, let me tell ya somethin.' Amsterdam Red Light District at night. God's Country.
  3. Simba

    Expel Turkey from NATO, cancel EU application

    Exactly, Lord Tammerlain. Yet, not in today's world. Only in the view of the American media and the politicians held captive by AIPAC lobbyists. The American military is not fooled by such propaganda.
  4. Simba

    Married Couples Who Are Swingers

    Married couple who are swingers after 50 years? I guess so...swingin can seem interesting so long as it ain't with my wife and you don't mind watchin me with yours. More over, lets make sure everyone is less than at least 50 years old. Otherwise, we are talking mortuary work.
  5. Simba

    Drink of choice.

    Good man! Maybe a spiff on the side, eh? *winks*
  6. Simba

    The Dutch are known for their dykes

    Sorry. I entered this thread to disagree that the Dutch are known for dykes. I rather love Amsterdam, and have a distinct and powerful fondness for those who have proven themselves to be anything but dykes. But, then, who knows what those fine ladies do when I am not venturing about Amsterdam.
  7. Simba

    Drink of choice.

    What is your drink of choice? Mine is Gin and tonic after 5pm. If I endulge before noon, its a Bloody Mary to get my vitamins. Otherwise, I love Budweiser.
  8. Simba

    Are textbooks really necessary?

    Hell no. Have them go back to stiffin' stool for trail and watchin' tribe medicine men cast bones for insight. *winks*
  9. Simba

    Awesome Photo of Black Hole!

    Dang! I was expectin' a photo of Ru Paul bent over.
  10. Simba

    Historic Sexiest Deaths.

    I vote for Catherine the Great. She was found under her great white stallion. What the hell was going on there? Whooo-ah! http://www.salon.com/books/review/2007/02/13/rounding
  11. Simba

    Turkey carries out air attacks in Iraq

    True. We have. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
  12. Simba

    Are Whites more racist than Blacks?

    Damn! You read my mind sometime. You elk hunt, there, Tammerlain?
  13. Simba

    What is the Male Ego?

    What is the male ego. Goodness gracious. It's called..."Got wood?"
  14. Simba

    Will Germany's Government Crumble?

    Nah. Germany will do just fine.
  15. Simba

    Doing Dubai

    *winks* Gotcha.
  16. Simba

    Are Whites more racist than Blacks?

    Hell, yeah. It's bred into us, and takes a lot of fight to get that demon out of us.
  17. Simba

    Dreams, what they mean

    I can only hope my dreams of all them women mean something good. Seems that the older I get the more they give a fine appearance, and that bothers the hell out of my wife as I roll over at 2 in the morning to hear her say, Mercy, mercy," and all the rest of the Catholic liturgy. Goodness.
  18. Simba

    Should we trim down our Military????

    Yeah. Though I sure will miss how much my company has benefited so much. Yet, got to put my money where my mouth is.
  19. Simba

    Doing Dubai

    You're the devil! You taunt me. Now, I must endeavor to sneak my way into the country and find this place. To think, we fight over oil, ideology, and this and that...but good food, drink, and nights, that is worth of a night-time raid. I lay prostrate at your feet for this good hint. *winks*
  20. Simba

    using deaths of military personal in debates...

    Well said. Yet, may I add....unlike the originator of this thread...as a former enlisted infantryman...later and infantry officer....I never looked forward to combat. I simply prepared for it as a measure of duty, and prepared for it well.
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