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  1. tryreading

    Akin will not withdraw from Senate race

    Don't see a link anywhere yet. He announced this at a press conference a few minutes ago. Kind of a selfish clown, isn't he?
  2. tryreading

    What do you listen to that has never been top 40?

    I'll start:
  3. tryreading

    Pagan mom challenges Bible giveaway at North Carolina school

    Bibles distributed to public school students? People who wants their religion promoted in public schools, almost always Christians, should be careful what they hope for. You have to also allow witch's spell books and the Quran to be equally promoted. Ginger Strivelli, who practices...
  4. tryreading

    Iran says it's produced first nuclear fuel rod

    Is this just blustering similar to what their neighbor Iraq was doing 10 years ago? Considering what's going on in the Gulf now, we could possibly be drawn into action by another Gulf Of Tonkin type of ruse. I think we need to be alert to the language of those who might rush in. Iranian...
  5. tryreading

    Decades Later, a Cold War Secret Is Revealed

    Very interesting story:Decades Later, A Cold War Secret Is Revealed | Fox News
  6. tryreading

    Officials: Half of force trained on gay ban repeal

    Didn't see this posted anywhere. Seems things are going as expected regarding the new policy. I think most of us knew our military wouldn't fall apart over this. WASHINGTON – More than a million U.S. troops — roughly half the armed forces — have been trained on the new law allowing gays to...
  7. tryreading

    Save money and keep your mechanic honest

    Everybody here who has a post 1996 car should have a scan tool. This thing will tell you what is wrong with your car if the 'check engine light' illuminates. Auto supply stores, some hardware stores, and a thousand online sources have these tools, also called code readers. Not too long ago, a...
  8. tryreading

    Atheists Seek Chaplain Role in the Military

    Didn't see this posted anywhere else. Proper and open counseling for atheist troops. It seems fair and necessary to me, but the Chaplaincy? Is that the way to do this? I don't know... Atheists Seek Chaplain Role in the Military Strange as it sounds, groups representing atheists and...
  9. tryreading

    Life at 400,000 times Earth's gravity?

    Life can survive at 400,000 G's: Alien Bacteria Could Breed in Extreme 'Hypergravity' - Yahoo! News
  10. tryreading

    Gold Rush

    Just want to say that the network that has gone from interesting, sometimes fascinating programming to insulting drivel, Discovery, may not be a redeemable entity. I stumbled across a show called Gold Rush. It details the zany antics of possibly the most stupid group of idiots I've ever heard...
  11. tryreading

    Be careful of scam in Home Depot and Lowes parking!

    I don't know if anybody knows anything about this scam, so here's a "heads up" for those of you guys who may be regular Home Depot (or, Lowes) customers. Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get supplies has turned out to be quite...
  12. tryreading

    DADT, and those who have an issue with its demise

    Some people, looks like mostly ex-military, are very concerned about allowing gay people in the military, that is, gay people who are comfortable with the concept of honesty. Do you wonder what the big deal is for these people who are against gays serving openly? Is it purely concern that...
  13. tryreading

    Carly Fiorino: Nothing new here

    Carly Fiorino was on Fox News Sunday just now, and refused to answer the questions asked of her. Chris Wallace, frustrated after having to ask several times, inquired as to how she would deal with entitlements if elected. The entitlements must be reworked, reduced, social security age lowered...
  14. tryreading

    Meg Whitman Refutes Allegations by Former Housekeeper

    I didn't see this posted yet. It is very possible Whitman did not know her personal employee was illegal, but the story may damage her campaign anyway. Meg Whitman Refutes Allegations by Former Housekeeper - Video - FoxNews.com
  15. tryreading

    Do you object to gay couples adopting?

    A local columnist in Orlando wrote an excellent article on a very expensive battle the State of Florida is fighting to keep a gay couple from adopting their foster kids. The state encourages gays to become foster parents, but will spend enough money to raise several kids on a needless lawsuit...
  16. tryreading

    Palin Spreads The Wealth

    This has been brought up before on the forum, but the following article expresses the spreading of the wealth in Alaska very well. Is Sarah Palin a socialist? In Alaska, residents pay no income tax or state sales tax. They receive a yearly dividend check from a $30 billion state investment...
  17. tryreading

    General: Urgent need for troops in Afghanistan now

    Haven't seen this posted anywhere yet. The Afghanistan commander needs more troops now. Gates is sending more drones and weapons, and says he can't send any more troops until next Spring, because of the need in Iraq. The U.S. and its allies should rush more troops "as quickly as possible" to...
  18. tryreading

    Documents detail Palin's political life

    63 pages of information taken from news publications mostly. Disclaimer, the Democrats gathered it. I was surprised with the first item below, its a plus for her (to me). The item about censorship of library books, though, is a problem. At one point, Palin supported mandatory education for...
  19. tryreading

    McCain Rejects Controversial Pastor's Endorsement

    Unless its Joel Osteen, the Presidential candidates in this country should run, fast, in the opposite direction from any preachers who want to back them. Those big mouths only seem to bring embarrassment to those in the race: LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- John McCain on Thursday rejected the...
  20. tryreading

    Create a Christmas song

    Please compose a light Christmas song or poem. It is more fun if you write to the tune of an existing Christmas song, or the beat of a known poem. Black Friday - To the tune of Jingle Bells The rude and madding crowds New debt lies in their wake Can have all the discount mall shopping they...
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