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  1. KevinKohler

    30 Abortions Threads.....Nothing about inflation

    I do. "It's the economy, stupid!" People vote for their wallets, but our economic troubles are not the result of any one political party. Restricting our human rights, though...why, that most certainly is.
  2. KevinKohler

    30 Abortions Threads.....Nothing about inflation

    Human rights > my wallet.
  3. KevinKohler

    Do you call yourself pro-abortion?

    Yes. I find humans to be, for the most part, greedy, selfish, shortsighted, and self centered. The fewer of us there are, the better this planet will be.
  4. KevinKohler

    Unbeatable GOP 2024 Ticket?

    DeSantis is a chode.
  5. KevinKohler

    New York Democratic governor signs law limiting concealed carry of firearms in wake of Supreme Court ruling

    We're asking the wrong question. We are faced with a logical fail from the Supreme Court. If all life is equal under the eyse of the law... Why is ANY place "sensitive"? Is a judges life more valuable than a subway rider? A school kid? I dude walking down the street?
  6. KevinKohler

    School's out forever: Arizona moves "to kill public education" with new universal voucher law

    2000, 2016. Just to name too, off the top of my head...
  7. KevinKohler

    Singing and playing to tracks. Does anyone care anymore?

    The talented ones don't do it. The reason this is being done is because we are getting more and more "artists" who can't actually sing without auto tune.
  8. KevinKohler

    I hope we see more and more of THIS!

    Agreed with online. The issue with mail in is perception.
  9. KevinKohler

    The Truth Makes Enemies...

    It's an opinion, based on info written in a 2000 year old book by a bronze age dessert tribe. Running around calling people sinners ain't gonna win you awards for tolerance. And people tend to be pretty intolerant towards intolerant people. We're funny that way.
  10. KevinKohler

    Theocracy thanks to liberals who refused to vote for Hillary

    Step 1 would be to fix the corruption within the DNC. Hard to support a group that does what it wants regardless of the will of they folks they purport to represent.
  11. KevinKohler

    The Truth Makes Enemies...

    Not calling peoples lifestyles sinful might be a decent place to start.
  12. KevinKohler

    I hope we see more and more of THIS!

    Mail some cash and find out...
  13. KevinKohler

    "OUR country"

    Honestly? You had me, till pineapple on pizza. Burn in hell.
  14. KevinKohler

    Did the coach in the prayer lawsuit lie to the SCOTUS?

    Christians have a moral imperative to "save" others. In this effort, the means justifies the ends, as there is no higher purpose than saving souls. It's why no "true" Christian can ever be trusted. Every dealing they have with you, every interaction...has motive.
  15. KevinKohler

    Amazon limits how many Plan B pills you can buy as demand surges

    Religious vilification of women is about 1.5 centimeters removed from being full incell.
  16. KevinKohler

    Amazon limits how many Plan B pills you can buy as demand surges

    Trouble with the ladies, eh?
  17. KevinKohler

    "OUR country"

    America is my country, the same way its yours. But you and I are entitled to nothing, save what is promised us via our constitution, and our rule of law.
  18. KevinKohler

    Progress OR Sexual Immorality?

    So...nothing in the mouth, then? Or is putting it in the mouth ok, as long as it's a ladies mouth? Is the inside of a ladies mouth different from inside of a mans? Is putting it in the butt ok? But only if it's a ladies man's? Are ladies poop shoots more acceptable than mens? If you could...
  19. KevinKohler

    Can someone who was all up in arms about masks explain the abortion decision to me?

    Are laws based on morality? Nope.
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