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  1. NeverTrump

    Nevertrumpers: "Told Ya So"

    Last night I heard from people who never saw the attack on our nation coming. I am not at all surprised at what happened and anyone following Trump and his supporters honestly wouldn't be either. This was all predictable and even warned about. Michael Cohen and the generals all told us that...
  2. NeverTrump

    RNC's Self Own

    The GOP platform Trump & Republicans will use in 2020 40+ references attacking "the current" president. GOP is making no changes to its 2016 platform for 2020. That 2016 platform decried: a ballooning national debt over-use of executive orders presidents disregarding Congress's powers...
  3. NeverTrump

    Didn't the right want the left to be triggered?

    What did you think was gonna happen? You idiots spent four years trying to trigger the left and now you are crying about your statues coming down and your culture being cancelled??? Boy the left sure is triggered. Karma is biting every Karen and Tucker hard on the ass. You reap what you sow...
  4. NeverTrump

    Trump campaign demands CNN apologize for poll that shows Biden leading

    Trump really didn't like that poll and he is doing much fake damage control by hiring Republican pollster McLaughlin & Associates, the guy who missed Eric Cantor losing his primary by 45 points!!! If they say the CNN poll is wrong, how much do you think Trump is actually losing to Biden by? Is...
  5. NeverTrump

    Analyzing the 2020 Election...so far

    As the US election comes back into headlines with an angry force following the murder of George Floyd, let's analyze the current state of the election and where each candidate stands and how much support they might have going into November. 1. There is an ever increasing belief among Democrats...
  6. NeverTrump

    Hannity Scared of Black Militias But Not White Ones

    I'm just telling it like it is. Hannity: “We will show you a breaking report that shows how the group Black Lives Matter is planning to train armed militia for war on police”
  7. NeverTrump

    Obama to urge Americans to make "real change" in wake of George Floyd's death

    Obama is addressing the nation at 5pm. It will be aired on MSNBC, probably CNN, other stations and streamed online. Everyone should watch. Fox News will probably talk about the dangers of ANTIFA and the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine. Watch live: Obama to urge Americans to make "real change"...
  8. NeverTrump

    Biden Clinches The Nomination

    June Super Tuesday - The Revenge of the Establishment Joe Biden’s delegate count at 1785 and climbing after he wins the primaries in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, Maryland, New Mexico, South Dakota & Washington, D.C. Still awaiting results from Montana. George Bush practically...
  9. NeverTrump

    The Left Fights Back Using Trump's Playbook

    Over the past few weeks the left is finally getting on the offensive. It seems that Quarantine has shifted the election's momentum and even if Biden may not be some loud leftists first choice, they have realized that he is far better than Trump! He's tied or leading Trump in surprising states...
  10. NeverTrump

    Mask Defense

    Here's a good question I saw on twitter: If a person without a mask comes at me in a menacing way, or coughs on me, do I have the right to defend myself with pepper spray? Furthermore, I currently work in retail, so this scenario has not happened to me yet, but plenty of customers have been...
  11. NeverTrump

    Youtube Deletes David Icke's Channel

    Youtube is taking a strong stance against anti-intellectualism here. Saying: YouTube deletes conspiracy theorist David Icke's channel
  12. NeverTrump

    How has Covid-19 affected you personally?

    I work retail (Best Buy), so my store is still open. I'm actually getting more hours than I usually do. Yesterday I came in and we sold out of monitors because people are working from home. I did nearly $20,000 in sales because of this. On a good day I usually do $8000-10000. I was not scheduled...
  13. NeverTrump

    Two tweets for the ages

    1. From the President's large adult son. 2. From the Former VP candidate for President: 1. Is typical right wing pump and dump. 2. Is typical liberal fear-mongering. Which one will turn out right?
  14. NeverTrump

    Person With Coronavirus Attended CPAC Conference in Maryland

    :lamo Person With Coronavirus Attended CPAC Conference in Maryland Hopefully he didn't infect anyone there.... But considering how much this administration is lying about and how egoistical the Trumps are....I wouldn't be surprised to find them bragging about knowing this guy in a few weeks...
  15. NeverTrump

    Joe Heads West

    As Berniebros and Trump supporters alike tweet #whereisjoe, he seems to be hopping around the midwest holding giant rallies and visiting the states Trump won against Hillary. Today he's holding giant rallies in Missouri and Michigan. Joe Biden is double digits above Bernie in most states but...
  16. NeverTrump

    Bernie is not ready for what's coming

    Biden just engrossed, Mayor Pete's and Bloomberg's entire political operations. They are full of younger, smarter, and moderate democrats who realize that Bernie has no plans to get things done. Hence, why they didn't and aren't joining his campaign. Do you see expose's about how terrible it was...
  17. NeverTrump

    I went to a Watch Party tonight

    The party was hosted by young democrats in my state of NJ. Before going I was a bit nervous that everybody would be a bernie bro. Boy was I wrong. I should have noted the demographics of my area as it's mostly upper middle class republicans or blue collar conservatives. "It used to be all...
  18. NeverTrump

    Corsi Case Against Roger Stone Dismissed

    Trumpian lawyers are great at making noise, even against themselves, but they suck at their actual jobs and NEVER win the lawsuits they file, wasting everyone's time and at least some tax dollars. The following could have been a DP conversation IRL. Larry Klayman’s Deposition of Roger Stone Is...
  19. NeverTrump

    Biden is Back: Joementum Fuels Establishment Endorsements

    Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Virginia Rep. Bobby Scott Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Former Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln Father of Parkland Florida shooting victim Fred Guttenberg Expected: Pete Buttigieg Not expected anytime soon: Obama Running mate announcement for Biden...
  20. NeverTrump

    Biden nabs James Clyburn endorsement before South Carolina primary

    Biden has seemed to secure SC. No one else moved the needle for Clyburn last night. Biden nabs James Clyburn endorsement before South Carolina primary
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