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  1. Craig234

    Crime is hard

    Here's a problem with crime and politics: it's much easier and more effective politically to attack political opponents on issues about crime, than to actually reduce crime in an appropriate manner. Incumbents say the numbers are better than they'd be with their opponent, and challengers say...
  2. Craig234

    So, we need a refresher on how minority rule has done?

    Here's the thing. I'd like to comment on how minority rule has been terrible. But the people who support the minority candidates, in my opinion, are largely 'brainwashed', so there's not really a way to have a rational conversation with them. They'll look at a 6'2 Democrat and say he's short and...
  3. Craig234

    Democrats - good at governing, bad at politics

    "I'm a Democratic Socialist". Sorry, just had to throw that in supporting the thread title. But my point is, in this time of the radicalization of the Republican Party, as extreme Plutocrats using extreme propaganda to create a cult of Americans to vote for Republicans has led to the crazed...
  4. Craig234

    Louisiana districting. Obama judge: likely violates black voters under Voting Rights Act. Supreme Court 6-3: No problem.

    It's not a final ruling, but still. As we see rulings like this that add to Republican power, we can remember, if two more of 435 House seats were Republican, there would be no 1/6 committee or about anything else Democrats passed...
  5. Craig234

    Was the trump plot even darker than recognized?

    Summoning a mob, led by violent militias, sending them to the Capitol to storm and take it, targeting leading political opponents to kill, with legal mechanisms put in place to steal the election - all that we know. But think about it, how badly he wanted to go to the Capitol personally, with...
  6. Craig234

    June 28 1/6 committee hearing thread

    Starting this early for speculation about the agenda/witnesses of this suddenly announced hearing. Most likely: unknown surprise. Most likely specific guess but not that likely: the documentary filmmaker. Very unlikely but significant possibility: Mike Pence. Even more unlikely extreme longshot...
  7. Craig234

    Let's not let this go unnoticed, one more thing about the court

    Have you noticed if you ask Republicans, 'are you in favor of the Justices having political agendas they push', they think of Justices they disagree with and say "NO!" But if you ask them, are they in favor of Justices like Thomas and Scalia having political agendas they push - the real answer...
  8. Craig234

    Remember when Republicans were good, moderate politicians, like Eisenhower?

    I've commented on how overrated Eisenhower was, how overlooked his big flaws were, and I'm not repeating that here. And I do note that the parties WERE different quite a bit, with 'liberal Republicans' and some of the worst 'right-wingers' being Democrats. But this thread is just a reminder...
  9. Craig234

    A look back at when the Supreme Court first prohibited school-led prayer

    Then as now, there were people who agreed and people who disagreed. It fell on JFK to react to the Supreme Court ruling. He said that as a civil matter the Supreme Court needed to be followed, but there was an easy solution, for parents to increase their religious practices as church and home...
  10. Craig234

    Let's point this out now

    First, let's recognize the situation on the Supreme Court *social* ideology. Their key ideology - for plutocracy, for blocking the power of the people and their government to restrict the wealthy and powerful - is firmly entrenched and the reason they're there from billions being spent and the...
  11. Craig234

    A key thing about politics many people just seem unable to address

    There are two candidates. One has a well-funded ad campaign which is mostly negative attack ads against the other candidate, and a few praising the first candidate. People see them over and over and over and over but don't hear much from the other candidate. That is a tried and true formula for...
  12. Craig234

    Update on 1/6 committee - new schedule

    The committee had planned 6 or 7 hearings, ending in June. But it's gotten new information it wants to incorporate, to tomorrow's hearing is the last until they do, and further hearings are postponed until about mid-July. The new info we know of, strangely, is a just-discovered documentary...
  13. Craig234

    The Uvalde disaster - there's even more

    The disaster was terrible - 19 killed children, 2 killed teachers IIRC. Then it got worse. We had the governor rush in to get the spotlight to tell the story of the heroic officers. Oops. He later he announced he was furious - and no one was disciplined, as the police chief took his city...
  14. Craig234

    Another fundamental American principle destroyed by the corrupt right on the Supreme Court

    Should tax dollars be used to fund religious education? Our country has long recognized the principle of 'separation of church and state', and applied the constitutional prohibition on government establishment of religion to the government paying for religious schools. Until now. The three...
  15. Craig234

    A nice idea for 2024, if there's a good Republican to do it

    Over a century ago, Teddy Roosevelt kept his pledge to leave the presidency after two terms. His hand-picked successor, Taft, won the next election. But Roosevelt had a falling out with Taft, and decided he should not continue in office. So, he ran the following election, against Taft and...
  16. Craig234

    Victories for left in elections in Colombia, France

    The presidency of Colombia was won by a reported progressive candidates, and the left expanded in France ending a majority for the neo-liberal president Macron (who earlier happily beat the far-right candidate, who had narrowly beat the left candidate to be in the top two). Progressive...
  17. Craig234

    A bit of a deeper topic on geo-politics

    I'm not sure about posting this when no one watched the video of Sen. Whitehouse's speech on the Supreme Court - seems to be a lack of interest in an important topic like that - but. Here's a basic question on geo-politics: is the world better off with one 'world government' - whether actually...
  18. Craig234

    Just learned of another sleazy thing trump did. Tired of them but worth knowing he did.

    The article speaks for itself, so I won't repeat the info. https://www.npr.org/sections/inauguration-day-live-updates/2021/01/20/958710562/trump-revokes-administration-ethics-rules-on-his-way-out-the-door
  19. Craig234

    Hans Christian Anderson, George Orwell, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin and donald trump

    There is a message across all these people, some explaining it and some exhibiting and practicing it. That message is about power. Hans Christian Anderson wrote about it in "The Emperor's New Clothes", in 1837, when he wrote about an Emperor who walked through town naked, yet the crowd saw him...
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