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  1. polgara

    The Fascist IPCC Now Wants to Make Everyone Vegan to "Prevent" Climate Change

    Greetings, PoS. :2wave: Its carbon footprint has not changed, and c...
  2. polgara

    Elizabeth Warren apologizes for 'harm I have caused' at Native American forum in Iowa

    Greetings, 3leftsdoo. :2wave: Clever thought! :thumbs:
  3. polgara

    Major League Baseball 2019

    Greetings, Linc, Yeah, the old "loyalty" thing kicks in every time......:thumbs: How are you doing? I miss you!!
  4. polgara

    The IPCC Is Wrong

    Greetings, Glitch. :2wave: Oh no, we're probably doomed! :eek: . :rofl
  5. polgara

    Major League Baseball 2019

    Greetings, Jack. :2wave: This was news to me, and since many millions of dollars IS a big deal, all I can say is "Good for the Nationals!" :yes: Whatever possessed the Orioles to drag this out for so many years? :thumbdown:
  6. polgara

    The Role of the Sun in Global Warming

    Greetings, Threegoofs. :2wave: :rofl: :thumbs:
  7. polgara

    The Role of the Sun in Global Warming

    Greetings, Jack. :2wave: Another excellent article! I can actually understand the point being made, and that's great, since I don't believe a one degree change in worldwide weather is something that should bother anyone! It was also interesting to read the quote at the end of the article...
  8. polgara

    Fox News poll shows Trump losing

    Greetings, Pero! :2wave: VERY WELL SAID, SIR! :thumbs:
  9. polgara

    About that Philadelphia shooter who shot six officers

    Greetings, Lutherf. :2wave: "What other reason could there be?," she asked? :mrgreen:
  10. polgara

    Suicide or Hit/ Murder!!!

    Greetings, Bodhisattva. :2wave: Or so we were told, which probably does not surprise anyone!
  11. polgara

    Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, dies by suicide: Officials

    Greetings, joko104. :2wave: I wish we had a better way of acknowledging a post than giving it a "like." I agree with your post 100 percent, but that doesn't mean I "like" the facts being presented! :eek:
  12. polgara

    Chase forgives all credit card debt for Canadian customers

    Greetings, Fledermaus. :2wave: :agree: I wonder what kind of deal Chase could be "persuaded" to offer all the Americans who have accounts with them? I don't plan on holding my breath - in case you're wondering.... :lamo
  13. polgara

    Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, dies by suicide: Officials

    :scared: Greetings, ocean515. :2wave: :agree With his fortune, which included several very expensive residences around the world, it's hard to believe that suicide ever entered his thoughts. From what I've been reading, he had plans for his future mapped out, which apparently included...
  14. polgara

    Most of The World Could Be 100% Powered With Renewables by 2050

    Greetings, Jack. :2wave: I am very happy to report that I haven't laughed this hard in a good long time over "climate change," a topic that most people are just plain tired of hearing about, since the scientists themselves cannot agree on what worldwide climate might be years from now...
  15. polgara

    Change food production and stop abusing land, major climate report warns

    Greetings, ocean515. :2wave: Very well said, ocean. Since there will be no exceptions made for any country on this planet, it's not difficult to imagine that misery and disbelief will be universal, but it will be too late to expect any good news! Sad.......
  16. polgara

    Climate Change Causing Extreme Weather

    Greetings, Jack. :2wave: :thumbs: The comments section - which I always enjoy - had some great posters today! :rofl: Off topic but I wanted to ask how your new knee is behaving these days.
  17. polgara

    The psychology of climate change denial

    Greetings, wellwisher. :2wave: Well said! :thumbs:
  18. polgara

    She Shooter's Manifesto...maybe

    Greetings, Lutherf. :2wave: This is one of the best posts I have ever read! Kudos!!!
  19. polgara

    The psychology of climate change denial

    Greetings, bubbabgone. :2wave: :blah: :lamo: I have been keeping written records for over 25 years and have watched my climate slowly change from NE Ohio to Vermont-like - and I haven't moved! My report will no doubt be on your desk first thing in the morning...........................
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