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  1. ScottD

    It's Official Jon Stewart & Colbert will host a rally on October 30th in DC

    How is that any different from Fox News bussing people to the Rally to Restore Honor? It's buses, you still haven't shown that they had people being paid to be there, and that would be quite expensive with 250,000 people to have to pay.
  2. ScottD

    Jon Stewart Jumped the Shark at Rally

    Actually Olbermann is a counter to Bill O'Reily, Maddow is a counter to Hannity, and Ed Shultz is a counter to Glenn Beck.
  3. ScottD

    Jon Stewart Jumped the Shark at Rally

    The problem here is that everyone is willing to admit there is a problem, but no one wants to take responsibility for it. Take Kieth and MSNBC for example. (Made up quote for dramatic effect) No one wants to admit that THEY are part of the problem.
  4. ScottD

    FOX Keeps Fear Alive. Restore Sanity, Drop FOX.

    I liked the clip of all of the 24/7 news stations that they showed at the Rally itself better. Fox News is no worse, or any better, than MSNBC or CNN.
  5. ScottD

    Rally to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive Live Stream

    TweetChat - #rally4sanity Also a little bonus, I think I saw a tweet flying by saying that the crowd is already at 150k people. Don't know how trustworthy a tweet is though.
  6. ScottD

    Obama’s Radical Past And his connection to socialism isn’t all ancient history

    That is stretching someone stretching a mere few meetings. I went to a Bush rally and a McCain rally, yet I never voted for either. You going to dispute that because I must have agreed with them if I went to their rallies? Ron Paul went to the GOP conventions. Does that make him a closet...
  7. ScottD

    Massive DOS attack?

    DDoS by the way. DOS is just one person in his basement with a couple spare computers attacking a site, DDoS is what would be needed to take down all of those sites.
  8. ScottD

    CNN host Rick Sanchez fired after Jon Stewart rant

    Other than Rahm Emanuel, who he devoted the second part of the show to, nothing I can think of. Generally Jon Stewart sticks on one or two topics during the first part of his show. Devoting it to Sanchez is nothing out of the ordinary, and you are looking to deeply in to it.
  9. ScottD

    It's Official Jon Stewart & Colbert will host a rally on October 30th in DC

    I'd say calls for violent revolts would be a step above that.
  10. ScottD

    A turning point for American healthcare.

    The Public Option was still on the table back then. Taking that out changed things.
  11. ScottD

    A turning point for American healthcare.

    Premiums will go up, but not at the rate they have been going up for the last few decades. Last year Health Premiums went up by over 10%. With this health care bill in place, premiums are expected to go up 14% over the next 4 years. That is a vast improvement.
  12. ScottD

    Colbert Offers Comedy Shtick in Farm Workers Testimony, Fails to Amuse Lawmakers

    Not really, the entire room looked like it was trying to keep themselves from laughing.
  13. ScottD

    Colbert Offers Comedy Shtick in Farm Workers Testimony, Fails to Amuse Lawmakers

    What failure? He actually had a pretty good message. Republicans are just pissed about HOW he said it, which in all honesty, why even care about that? I see no real issue here, this is all just over-reactions to a non-issue.
  14. ScottD

    Glenn Beck Goldline Ripoff

    Because it seems like Goldline is the worst offender? Congressional hearing are probably held for multi-billion dollar scam artists, but I doubt your average Vegas scammer gets his own Congressional Hearing also. I has to do with how big the impact of the scam is, easy as that.
  15. ScottD

    Computer Virus so specialized "could only be a weapon"

    Could be an entire list of nations ranging from Israel to the US to some members of the EU. So far it's just speculation that this was even a nation making this malware. I bet you there are coders out there who could make the most sophisticated viruses ever in under a day in their basement...
  16. ScottD

    Obama: Ahmadinejad's Sept. 11 Statements 'Hateful'

    Aren't most Truthers Libertarians? (Not saying all Libertarians are truthers, probably far from it, but I have yet to see a liberal truther) He condemned him during the Iranian elections. He would get replaced by someone just like him. He is a puppet of Ali Khameni and the Council of...
  17. ScottD

    Colbert Offers Comedy Shtick in Farm Workers Testimony, Fails to Amuse Lawmakers

    I watched the video, and there were parts of Colbert's testimony where everyone in the room looked like they were having trouble trying not to laugh. I don't get where this "he wasn't funny" bull**** is coming from, because it looks like everyone in that room found his comments to be funny...
  18. ScottD

    'Don't ask, don't tell' repeal in doubt

    Re: Republicans block bill to lift military gay ban You are reading the vote count backwards. 56 voted FOR it, not against it.
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