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  1. KD5DBL

    bwahahahaha.... bet you didn't think I came over here did you?

    bwahahahaha.... bet you didn't think I came over here did you?
  2. KD5DBL


    Hmm... I'd have to also stick with the first one... except the bigot... I think I'm very tolerant of all the narrow minded, lazy, inbred idiots in this world.
  3. KD5DBL


    Uhh... that first one... yeah... that's him... :2wave:
  4. KD5DBL


    Just a guess... but then, I have insider information...
  5. KD5DBL

    Does anyone here read Asimov?

    At the speed you read... it will take you a long, long time.... :doh See... I do occasionally get back here.... :2wave:
  6. KD5DBL

    Constitutional Limitations

    Well... just remember most people don't know you as well as we do Bud.... :)
  7. KD5DBL

    What does BC stand for?

    Actually, I think they are... I was watching something on the History channel the other night and they kept giving dates as 512 C.E. They finally explained that C.E. = Current Epoc.
  8. KD5DBL

    Justices stay out of debate over gays

    So... are they just laying low and trying to stay out of the issue or do they really think that gay marriage is constitutional?
  9. KD5DBL

    New Look

    Too many ads everywhere... they clutter things up...
  10. KD5DBL

    Powell Resigns

    Kinda shocking if you ask me...
  11. KD5DBL

    Constitutional Limitations

    True... but it still made my point... The Constitution doesn't just GIVE rights... it can in some cases take things away. They took the freedom to choose out of paying your taxes. I won't get in to the whole debate surrounding the ratification of it being incomplete...
  12. KD5DBL

    Constitutional Limitations

    Interesting way to look at it... I personally don't see the 16th ammendment giving me much of a right and is taking a good bit away from me...
  13. KD5DBL

    Constitutional Limitations

    Sorry, when you put such extreme limits on your question (...NEVER... ANY... ) I have to disagree. The constitution is (or at least should be) a basic set of rules that we all must live by. By the nature of them being rules, they will put limits on some people's actions. While you may see...
  14. KD5DBL

    Bush Wins!!!!

    You heard it here first folks... Kerry conceeded... http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,137486,00.html
  15. KD5DBL

    Election Results - Comments

    Well... I'm still having small flashbacks to four years ago... at least Florida got their act together... maybe Ohio will in 2008. Was anyone else surprised to hear that you didn't need to show proof of identity in Ohio to vote? I'm going to try and be patient and just wait for the process to...
  16. KD5DBL

    If the person you vote for President

    I doubt I'll be the one crying....
  17. KD5DBL

    ...and the children shall lead them

    Interesting Article on MSN - http://special.msn.com/weeklyreader/grade5up/882199.armx?GT1=5472 Weekly Reader kids select Bush in poll The students who read Weekly Reader's magazines have made their preference for president known: they want to send President Bush back to the White House. The...
  18. KD5DBL


    Congratulations on your brand new tax deduction... ;)
  19. KD5DBL

    Best reason to NOT vote for Kerry

  20. KD5DBL

    Sen. Zell Miller to Be GOP Keynote Speaker

    But aparently, he's an enlightened one... he's been voting along Republican lines for years. He's supposed to show Bush being bi-partisan and reaching out to the Dems. The whole thing is a dog-n-pony show if you ask me (and you didn't )
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