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  1. Mycroft

    Woke SpaceX Employees Pen Letter Berating CEO Elon Musk as an “Embarrassment”

    Update: Woke SpaceX Employees FIRED for Penning Letter Berating CEO as an “Embarrassment” I like this reaction: I posted in this forum because this is just too damned funny.
  2. Mycroft

    An Interesting Question

    https://dailycaller.com/2022/06/14/democratic-senators-biden-2024/ So here's the question: With so little support, what would the Democratic Party do if Biden insists on running? Will they primary their own sitting President?
  3. Mycroft

    Russia reduces natural gas through European pipeline again

    Russia’s announcement that it would reduce natural gas flows through a key European pipeline by roughly 40% appears to be a political move rather than a result of technical problems, Germany’s vice chancellor said Wednesday.Russia’s state-controlled energy giant Gazprom also told Italian gas...
  4. Mycroft

    The Invisible Man

    Nobody in the world...particularly the leaders of countries...know or care that Biden exists. Here they are, all talking to each other and NOBODY talking to the "President" of the United States. Jesus...the sooner we are rid of this puppet the better off we'll be.
  5. Mycroft

    Even the WH says Biden is irrelevant

    Today, Biden read a speech off his teleprompter. Here is what he said: “Since I took office, families are carrying less debt; their average savings are up. A recent survey from the Federal Reserve found that more Americans feel financially comfortable than at any time since the survey began...
  6. Mycroft

    Do you agree with this person?

    I don't. I don't know who this Caroline Reilly is. I hear she is some kind of journalist. This is the kind of incitement to violence that Twitter allows. What do you think?
  7. Mycroft

    The Election Splitter Strategy

    Most of the base GOP voters now realize this 2022 primary season is as important to the 2022 outcome as the November election. However, as we have noted in the two-club system, the republican club leadership are using their familiar playbook. Here’s the situation with the Ohio governor’s race...
  8. Mycroft

    Here’s a dozen times Joe Biden played a role in son Hunter’s business dealings

    I'll just give the headings. You can read what they are about. 1. Joe "recommends". 2. The other kid, too. 3. Joe's "hopes". 4. Air Force 2 Trip. 5. Half his salary? 6. Meet the partners. 7. Meet the Ukrainians. 8. Meet the kazakhs. 9. Meet Bobulinski. 10. Getting an office...
  9. Mycroft

    [W: 255] Now We Know Why The Media Is Talking About Hunter's Laptop.

    The source who distributed Hunter Biden's laptop to congressmen and media has fled the US to Switzerland, saying he fears retaliation from the Biden administration. Jack Maxey gave DailyMail.com a copy of the hard drive from Hunter's abandoned laptop in the spring of 2021. He also gave copies...
  10. Mycroft

    Everyone Knows Who Pulls The Puppet Strings

    This video says it all...
  11. Mycroft

    Four Down, Six To Go

    GOP Rep. Fred Upton to retire Rep. Fred Upton, one of the longest-tenured Republicans in the House of Representatives, has decided to retire rather than seek reelection in 2022. Upton was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach then-President Donald Trump in January 2021, saying in a...
  12. Mycroft

    Biden Says He Has No Money To Fight Pandemic

    “Congress hasn’t provided enough money to keep purchasing these monoclonal bo- — antibodies. We’ve had to cancel planned orders and cut the supply we’re sending to the states. Without more funding, we’ll start to run out of them by the end of May — the end of May. We’ve also had to scale...
  13. Mycroft

    Not Actually Trump's Political Platform...

    ...since he hasn't confirmed that he's running for President in 2024, but this is a preview of what his platform will include. Former President Donald Trump is laying out a 2.0 vision on how he would make America great again, again, offering Just the News his plan for defeating Joe Biden and...
  14. Mycroft

    81 Ways Biden Sent Gas Prices Sky High

    The Republican Study Committee has released a report of 81 things the Biden pukes did from the first day in office up to Mar 21, 2022 and included an upcoming action on Mar 30, 2022. You can see the entire list here: Here is some of what they did in the first few months of 2021... We...
  15. Mycroft

    How The Media Spins Ukraine/Russia

    A UK news site...SkyNews...reported statements from Sergei Rudskoi, head of the Russian General Staff's Main Operational Directorate. https://news.sky.com/story/ukraine-war-russia-to-focus-on-liberating-donbass-region-as-it-says-first-phase-of-ukraine-invasion-mostly-complete-12574539 Here is...
  16. Mycroft

    According to Biden...

    ...the 82nd Airborne is going to Ukraine and some of them have already been there. “And you are going to see when you are there, some of you have been there, you will see women, young people standing in the middle in the front of a damn tank just I’m not leaving. I’m holding my ground. They’re...
  17. Mycroft

    Six Trillion isn't enough

    Getting set up for another convenient crisis...and getting ready to put the country into even MORE debt.
  18. Mycroft

    It's time for Pelosi to go...quietly.

    She's almost as brain dead as Slo-Joe.
  19. Mycroft

    History Rhyming

    Mark Twain was reported to have said, “History may not always repeat, but it rhymes.” With the Obama foreign policy team back together again in the White House, we are watching Twain’s truism play out in real time. Yesterday, the Biden administration specifically designated Qatar as a major...
  20. Mycroft

    The Biden Economic Fiasco Is Manmade - He Did That in Three Ways

    I've been saying this for a year... So...what's the solution? There are only four to choose from... 1. Do nothing. This will result in ever-increasing inflation which will result in consumers reducing demand. 2. Federal Reserve increasing interest rates which will also result in...
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