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  1. Geoist

    This Is How We Know The NRA Is Full Of Sh*t

    Guns are banned at their conventions. According to the NRA, the Secret Service is taking control of the hall during Trump's speech and is prohibiting attendees from having firearms, firearms accessories and knives. Ammunition, laser pointers, pepper spray, toy guns, backpacks and other items...
  2. Geoist

    Ban Animal Abusers From Gun Ownership

    Certainly this is a way to unite both sides in keeping guns out of the hands of psychos, right? I'm not just being naive? How many of times do we hear of these mass shooters having a history of animal abuse/torture? If I remember right, the Buffalo shooter decapitated a cat and his mother helped...
  3. Geoist

    Social Conservatism v. Economic Conservatism

    This poll is directed to fellow leftists/liberals. With social conservatism we are faced with culture wars, bigotry, racism, sexism, etc. With economic conservatism (in the form of right-libertarianism) we have growing wage gaps, less worker bargaining power as unions are destroyed, and a...
  4. Geoist

    Why Don't We Ever Talk About Sprawl?

    It seems to me sprawl should be one of the major issues concerning both the left and the right. The left should be taking issue with environmental destruction and inequality sprawl causes. The right should take issue with the insane infrastructure costs sprawl creates. I rarely ever hear a...
  5. Geoist

    An Analogy For Understanding the Pro-Choice View

    Some pro-lifers struggle to understand why anyone could be pro-choice even when they agree a zygote/fetus is a life. Here's an analogy to help understand. It may not be perfect but it's the best one I've got so far to explain my own position (and if any other pro-choice folks have a better one I...
  6. Geoist

    If Democrats Did This It Would Be Genius (They Won't)

    Beau of the Fifth Column has a great idea in how to have the DNC respond to the GOP refusing to debate for the upcoming election: Invite Libertarian Party candidates to debate the Democrats instead. This would pull GOP votes towards the LP. It is a win-win for Democrats. Will the DNC do it...
  7. Geoist

    Conservatives, Who Would You Rather Have As Your President?

    As we watch this Russian-Ukraine War unfold it is interesting to witness the right-wingers break off into three groups: 1. Those who support Ukraine's fight and oppose Putin (The Lindsey Graham Wing), 2. Those who play down Putin's accountability and play up Zelenskyy's (the Madison Cawthorn...
  8. Geoist

    A Very Different Joe Rogan In 2020

    I remember this episode (one of my co-teachers actually played most of it during class on the last day before schools shut down). I remember Joe taking COVID much more seriously here but I did not recall this clip and how much it contrasts with where he stands now. It is clear he has become the...
  9. Geoist

    Daily Wire Commentator Pro-Arranged Marriage, Anti-Capitalist

    If you ever want to watch the hottest of hot takes on society then check out Matt Walsh. This aspiring children's book author is an absolute train wreck and recently came out on his show in opposition to capitalism and pro-arranged marriage: "There's such a surplus [of single people] that you...
  10. Geoist

    Conservatives, Can You Define Communism?

    It's almost every day I hear it from people on the right. "The US is becoming a communist state!" "Biden is a commie!" etc, etc. I'd like to know if conservatives are intentionally being hyperbolic or if they really believe this crap. If you do believe it then please provide your definition of...
  11. Geoist

    Shaun Dismantles Jimmy Dore's Anti-Vaxx Grift

    Holy Hell, the following video on Jimmy Dore is absolutely damning. Shaun proves Dore cherrypicked and even rewrote/reworded lines in articles to fit his narrative. For those who don't know, Jimmy Dore is a political commentator who pretends to be a leftist but is really just a grifter...
  12. Geoist

    (W: #126) Philadelphia Pays $2 Million To Woman Beaten By Police

    Young's attorneys said officers swarmed her vehicle and broke her windows with batons and then opened her car door, pulled Young and the 16-year-old from their seats and began to hit them. Young was detained by police, and her 2-year-old son was taken away from her. Young also said the National...
  13. Geoist

    My Unvaccinated Uncle Is In The Hospital With COVID

    Had to find this out from my mom because my anti-vaxx relatives were too cowardly/stubborn to inform me of the news. My super conservative and anti-vaxx uncle has been sick for nearly a week with COVID and is now in serious condition in the hospital. It is now affecting his kidneys and...
  14. Geoist

    Child COVID Deaths in Florida Double

    Can't help but think of those 'Let Our Children Smile' signs. How many of those children dying in their hospital beds were smiling? https://www.politico.com/states/florida/story/2021/09/09/child-covid-fatalities-nearly-double-in-florida-1390807
  15. Geoist

    Q Conference: Congregation of the Crazies

    This is what happens when you shut down the mental health facilities in your country:
  16. Geoist

    Jesse Lee Peterson Asks: "Was It A Mistake To Educate Women?"

    Conservatives wonder why their numbers are dwindling. These 19th century takes provide the answer.
  17. Geoist

    Charlie Kirk v. Vaush Debate

    I'll add some thoughts once I finish watch this debate. Will say though, it only took Charlie one sentence on the vaccine debate for me to want to punch him.
  18. Geoist

    Black Conservative On Fox News: "[Slavery] Never Was A Race Thing"

    There were rumors going around this guy was Candace Owens' brother. He's not, but the level of stupidity he exhibits really makes you wonder if they really are related.
  19. Geoist

    Aging US Population Means We Need More Immigration, Not Less

    As the 2010s sees the lowest population growth in the USA since at least 1900, we need to reconsider our priorities. We cannot expect this nation to support an aging population without serious repercussions. We need to do one or both: increase immigration or incentivize young adults to have...
  20. Geoist

    Here's Why The Right Doesn't Like To Debate The Left

    Just about every time they do it damages their image:
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