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  1. Peacenik

    Conservative Vulture Capitalism

    There is an ugly breed of capitalists who think the way to make money is to screw other people. They are very conservative in their politics and they rely on legal corruption to support a government that just looks the other way at their socially destructive profiteering. Any corporation with...
  2. Peacenik

    How Do We Fix Immigration?

    Decades and decades of immigration, both legal and illegal have brought us to this point in time. Immigration has built our nation, but some people think immigration is destroying our nation. Congress has failed to act during both Republican and Democratic majorities. What needs to be done...
  3. Peacenik

    The Super Rich Tell Republicans What To Think

    And Republicans eat it right up. And they also tell them how to vote - and they obediently vote that way without question. That's how the super-rich get Republicans to vote for things the super-rich want - and often against their own better interest. They are literally telling the right...
  4. Peacenik

    Inflation Is Worldwide, Not Caused By The President.

    Of course, this ruins the Republican 'blame Biden' narrative, but Republicans never let the facts get in the way of effective propaganda. Inflation began in 2021 as a result of the pandemic, with an aside to climate change, but the Russian war on Ukraine has created a perfect storm of...
  5. Peacenik

    Amazon Workers Unionize!

    Amazon spent millions trying to prevent this, but failed. Workers are feeling ever more empowered in America since management treated them with such disregard during the pandemic. Organized workers are better able to negotiate good terms with employers. The new Amazon Union is a good thing...
  6. Peacenik

    Gas Prices Are Not Too High

    Rising energy prices hit consumers; want to shift from fossil fuels: Survey We will know that gas prices are too high when we see most drivers adopting fuel-saving driving habits. Until then, gas prices are not too high.
  7. Peacenik

    Trump Was A Mock President

    Don't vote for him again. He is inappropriate. Biden is more presidential.
  8. Peacenik

    Hello. I come in peace.

    I like discussing politics and learning in a peaceful and respectful way. It's OK to disagree. We simply need to do it in a civil way.
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