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  1. washamericom

    At least 63 killed in co-ordinated Baghdad attacks [edited]

    yesterday it was, today it isn't... in the wake of today's bombing, president obama ostensibly can't just wave a confident hand and say the war is over. if he could he would have wished saddam into the cornfield as a senator and fixed syria today. joe biden's dream of three iraqs is coming...
  2. washamericom

    if there is even a chance dr. rice might run...

    i've been dreaming and writing for years, that dr. condoleeza rice, is in my opinion the person most qualified at this time in history to be president of the united states. she is accomplished and lovely, in my mind she is the absolute creme de le creme of american virtue and character. now i...
  3. washamericom

    re open ayers/dohrn murders for political gain or justice ?

    this is politics cause ayers wrote "dreams from my father" which i think is a joke and chicago ken and barbie are running for president again. whatever but since there is no statue of limitations on murder, why can't we re open the cases of bill ayers and his wife the way they are with natalie...
  4. washamericom

    0bama's private attorney files motion to dismiss.

    "Only the Democratic Party of Georgia can determine qualifications of candidates named on the Presidential Preference Primary ballot. Furthermore, the citizenship issue the plaintiff seeks to raise was soundly rejected by 69,456,897 Americans in the 2008 elections, and it has been by every...
  5. washamericom

    white house goes to war with sheriff joe

    i think the obama administration is petty and stupid for going to political war with sheriff joe. obama has a history of using his justice depatment to settle political scores, a very "chicago way to do things". sheriff joe may be the one stop in obama's road of bullying, intimidation...
  6. washamericom

    msnbc fair and balanced ?

    some of the people on nbc seem biased to me, odonald, madov, and matthews who offered the apology/antidote. do the people that whatch these channels/people think it'd biased ?? does this network favor obama ?
  7. washamericom

    don't forget clinton had an affair.

    the president of the world had a very unprofessional affair, yet look at his popularity. he had a lifetime of harrassing women. to persecute gingrich for marital indiscretions would be hypocritical. the difference i suppose is in the lying about it, and the definition of is. no need for a poll.
  8. washamericom

    this bugs me.

    do we have anyone in the forum that can clear this up ?? Judge Blocks Release of Recusal-Related Emails Kagan Sent WH http://www.broowaha.com/articles/780...iased-website- http://www.supremecourt.gov/Search.aspx?FileName=/docketfiles/09-8857.htm...
  9. washamericom

    new poll: will obama birth certificate or eligibility be part of the campaign ?

    this one issue seems to plague the obama presidency. some people are insistant that everyone stopped talking about it on 4/27 when the president "finally put the issue to rest". but some people are still skeptical, more are curious. will the obama campaign simply be able to tell people not to...
  10. washamericom

    is romney covering like obama is ??

    this could be a new conspiracy theory. it may backfire for the democrats though if they are trying to to smear romney and equate him to the former senator obama.Romney staff spent nearly $100,000 to hide records (Reuters)Posted on December 6, 2011 by Kathleen Gee // 2012 GOP Candidates, Mittens...
  11. washamericom

    obama birth certificate now is the time to deconstruct obama, a sad america.....

    sooner or later this party has to end. as a musician i have always known the concept "fake it till you make it". smart people have to decide for themselves eventually. it's time to review everything written about our american president, and everything written by our american cousin.... and...
  12. washamericom

    obama birth certificate theory.

    maybe the students will end up leading the country through the valley, to the promised land. sherrif joe arpaio's posse report will be out soon, and he has a way of transcending the media. this obama cover up is the biggest fraud in world history. the kenyan born obama has usurped the american...
  13. washamericom

    people are intrigued by limousines...

    people love limousines. they are mysterious when they drive by, they are a symbol of wealth and power, and now they are in the news. Limousine liberals? Number of government-owned limos has soared under Obama | iWatch News
  14. washamericom

    where are the carriers ??

    always the first question asked in international incident. it's nice to know that their meer presence can instill calm, in times like these. another reason to appreciate our fine military, for their preparedness, and endless training and dedication, not just in the water but on land and air...
  15. washamericom

    when castro dies

    they just flashed a new reprot of fidel castro out in public smiling for all. people in cuba are hoping he dies sooner than later
  16. washamericom

    clinton or palin ??

    if the general election were today, and it was sarah palin versus hillary clinton, for whom would you vote ?
  17. washamericom

    general mayhem

    it's hard to believe that the general and all of his accomplishments, training and wherewithall, just got fired by a guy who has none... only in america.... i cannot reveal my source, only to say that the president had seriously considered one more admonishment, and rising above the situation to...
  18. washamericom

    the number two guy

    Editors Note: this is perhaps the most controversial commentary we have posted to date, because it addresses the root of just about all world conflict. the number two guy #2 by olisep canny i have never really seen this as a subject for discussion in the mainstream media, or fox...
  19. washamericom

    fast breaking new on slow chase update

    general McChrystal has gotten into his car and is "making his way" to the whitehouse. he has been summoned to answer to the president about comments he made in rolling stone magazine. he is expected to arrive at the whitehouse sometime tomorrow. people are gathering on bridges and overpasses to...
  20. washamericom

    round up the usual suspects

    our government begins to round up all of the american government oil rig inspectors who inspected the oil rig in the gulf that was drilling for oil on american federal property leased by the american government to drill for oil used by americans. some in the the federal government, including the...
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