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  1. Kernel Sanders

    House members to sue Obama administration over Libya mission

    Source: CNN A positive development. I am in favor of US involvement of Libya, but not the extent or the flaunting of the law involved in the ordeal. The administration was rather bold in openly stating that it intended to ignore the War Powers Act, and I feared that it would go unchallenged...
  2. Kernel Sanders

    Information from Gitmo detainees led to bin Laden's death

    NYT and MSNBC are both reporting that information gained from Gitmo detainees about a courier of bin Laden's was the key to locating him. Does this change anybody's mind about the value of Guantánamo Bay? It always seemed to me to be a spring of anti-American sentiment with little actionable...
  3. Kernel Sanders

    Donate without Paypal?

    Is there any way to donate without a paypal account?
  4. Kernel Sanders

    Polls getting gamed

    Seems that there's some bot or something similar gaming our polls. There are a few polls that instantly got 100+ votes, all for one option. An example is the DREAM Act thread poll. I just wanted to make the admins aware if they aren't already
  5. Kernel Sanders

    Our Most Senior's Senator's Incredible Tale

    Saw a link to this on reddit today. With the passing of Robert Byrd Senator Daniel Inouye is now our most senior Senator. Like many Congressmen, Inouye is a war hero, and has an incredible tale of heroism. Text below is from wikipedia Link
  6. Kernel Sanders

    What english sounds like to foreigners

    This video has been popping up lately. I thought it was fascinating and that some people here might too. The song is called Prisencolinensinainciusol by Adriano Celentano and is from 1972. The whole thing is gibberish designed to sound the way that english does to non-speakers YouTube- What...
  7. Kernel Sanders

    Michael Mann in his own words on the stolen CRU emails

    Source [DeSmog Blog | Michael Mann in his own words on the stolen CRU emails] The responses are rather full so I don't want to quote them on this page. Just follow the link. It looks like just what I've been hearing - completely mundane private communication about very specific things. He...
  8. Kernel Sanders

    Wikileaks releases 9/11 Pager Texts

    Wikileaks is releasing a half a million pager texts that were sent between 3AM 9/11 and 3AM 9/12 in New York and DC. Skimming through it's mostly technical junk and what isn't is about what you'd expect. Still, it's a candid view of arguably the most important event in our time, and I thought...
  9. Kernel Sanders

    Positions on Global Warming

    In the wake of the CRU hack there's been interest in GW beyond the usual crowd. I'm curious to know where the forum stands on (A)GW The poll is public
  10. Kernel Sanders

    Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth sequel stresses spiritual argument on climate

    Source [Guardian | Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth sequel stresses spiritual argument on climate change] :rofl This is gonna be hilarious. Picture Fred Phelps carefully laying out a scientific argument to show that god hates homosexuals. Can't wait to see the response from the christian right...
  11. Kernel Sanders

    CIT Group Seeks Bankruptcy Protection After U.S. Bailout Failed

    Source [Bloomberg | CIT Group Seeks Bankruptcy Protection After U.S. Bailout Failed ]
  12. Kernel Sanders

    New medical marijuana policy issued

    Source [Yahoo! News (AP) | New medical marijuana policy issued] This is definitely one policy that should be decided on the state level rather than the federal level. I see no federal interest in the matter, so it makes no sense to fight the states if they feel strongly enough to disobey the...
  13. Kernel Sanders

    Link text not displaying properly

    In some instances (I can't figure out what exactly causes this) the forum will not display the link text that it should. An example is the OP here. The google link should read "google the title" but shows up as "Click to View Search Results for t Google: t ." This happens a lot with...
  14. Kernel Sanders

    Berlusconi channels The Onion

    Source [NYT | Italy: Premier Vows to Stay On] I haven't been following the whole Berlusconi ordeal, but every sentence of this article is hilarious. Delusions of grandeur...check. Ridiculous sweeping statement...check. Freudian slip on the bribery charges....check. I had to look twice to...
  15. Kernel Sanders

    MIT researchers conclude that tin foil hats amplify the government's ability to read

    Source [MIT.edu | On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study] Those sneaky bastards
  16. Kernel Sanders

    Michael Vick reinstated by NFL

    Source [Google News (AP) | Michael Vick reinstated by NFL] I for one am glad. I've been getting annoyed with sports organizations' recent efforts to be the morality police. If the teams and fans don't want Vick to play because of his dog fighting then let him go unsigned. Otherwise I don't...
  17. Kernel Sanders

    Legal guns and crime

    I was wondering if anybody knew of some statistics as to how much of gun-related violent crime is committed with legally obtained guns versus illegal guns. I consider myself opposed to the majority of proposed gun control laws on the basis that they tend to be off-target and are attempting to...
  18. Kernel Sanders

    Google Starts Translating Farsi

    Source [CNN | Iran: Google starts translating Persian] Google's press release Source [The Official Google Blog | Google Translates Persian] I didn't know quite where to put this, so I put it in the tech forum. I thought that plenty of members here will find this valuable, especially given...
  19. Kernel Sanders

    Government report: climate change here, mitigation needed now

    Source [Ars Technica | Government report: climate change here, mitigation needed now] The report itself should serve as an excellent reference for climate change data and includes much compelling evidence. It is an excellent and long overdue report, and I would that anybody skim it, even if...
  20. Kernel Sanders

    China Suspends North Korea Exchanges, Yonhap Reports

    Source [Bloomberg | China Suspends North Korea Exchanges, Yonhap Reports] Even though it was obvious that China would reign in NK eventually, I'm surprised that it happened so soon and so abruptly. It will be interesting to see how Kim responds to this
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