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  1. Joby

    SALT Cap Here to Stay?

    Ah yes, the battle between the urban progressives and the New New Democrats is upon us. When it was all about the "Fight against Fascist Donny T" the Dems could ignore this battle but now the intramural squabble is on. Time to bust out some popcorn. Let's get ready to rumble! Someone get Nancy...
  2. Joby

    US spends way too much fighting "cleanly"

    The US has spent more money on making sophisticated, precise weaponry (entirely reliant on expensive, sophisticated, perhaps vulnerable communications systems) than anyone else for decades now. Yet after a decade in Afghanistan, we are probably going to pay more in settlement to the victims of...
  3. Joby

    Gerry Adams Arrested, Questioned over 1972 Murder

    http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/may/02/police-question-gerry-adams-sinn-fein http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/02/world/europe/sinn-fein-braces-for-potential-fallout-after-leaders-arrest.html? I am very torn over this. On the one hand, a mother of 10 was torn away from her weeping...
  4. Joby

    Egyptian Government Orders Execution of 680

    http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/29/world/middleeast/egypt-sentences-hundreds-to-death.html?hp The spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, was sentenced to death even though he is an outspoken supporter of non-violent tactics exclusively. This became clear in his emphatic calls...
  5. Joby


    This month is the 38th anniversary of the beginning of operation of the Consolidated Rail Corporation, or "Conrail" as it was called. The railroad was created by the Federal Government when it realized that the freight railroads in the Northeast US may never be profitable ever again, and that if...
  6. Joby

    What's Obama done to alienate the right so much?

    I don't understand it. Obama hasn't done anything that would classify him as a socialist, communist, antichrist, or whatever else he's accused of. He tried to allow gay men and women to serve in the military openly, then flopped like a dead fish. He tried to pass real healthcare reform, then...
  7. Joby

    NORML to launch Pro-Legalization commercial

    YouTube - Legalization: Yes We Can Oh hell to the yes. After years and years of enduring those stupid "Above the influence" and "the anti-drug" ads, seeing a pro-pot ad has been almost up there with legalization itself in my hopes. I have yet to see the ad since I heard about this, but I have...
  8. Joby

    Oakland: Dozens march for Mixon, against Police

    Dozens march for Mixon, against police Sometimes, I resent the fact that we can't have a Tiannemen square-style beatdown here. If it was me in charge, I'd say **** it. Clean up Oakland once and for all. I am no huge fan of the police in many instances, but this is disgusting. (note: the vigil...
  9. Joby

    A Religious War in Israel’s Army

    http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/22/weekinreview/22BRONNER.html?em I think we in America, and elsewhere, fall into the trap, not only in regards to Israel but many countries, of only hearing the most vocal of a people. It probably holds true that the same could be said about the US going into our...
  10. Joby

    Gov. Huntsman (R) Interview

    POLITICO interview: Gov. Huntsman - Alexander Burns - POLITICO.com Politico calls him the 'fastest rising GOP star you've never heard of." With all the talk about how the GOP lost because it wasn't right-wing enough, I think it's interesting how the governor of Utah (UTAH!) is calling for a...
  11. Joby

    Celtic Tiger = Epic Fail

    120K Protest 'Economic Treason' in Dublin - World news | Newser Pressure grows on Irish govt after huge protest I thought this was interesting, and I didn't notice any threads covering the massive protests. Anyway, it appears once the economy sours all the right-wing B.S. suddenly isn't very...
  12. Joby

    This Is Not a Test

    http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/25/opinion/25friedman.html?_r=1 I thought it was an interesting read.
  13. Joby

    Obama calls for halt to Gitmo prosecutions

    Obama calls for halt to Gitmo prosecutions - CNN.com So far, so good :cool:
  14. Joby

    Congo rebels declare cease-fire to prevent panic

    Congo rebels declare cease-fire to prevent panic - CNN.com I think this most recent crisis in the DRC has shown two things. First, the UN really sucks at this type of thing. I mean really sucks. Second, Laurent Nkunda has to be the most well-dressed, and probably best looking, rebel leader in...
  15. Joby

    The Cowboys

    So, will they or won't they? I still say the NFC East is the toughest division, but I think the 'Boys can do it. Roy Williams was overpaid for, yes, but he still has the potential to add to, what on paper at least, is an explosive offensive. I think the season is really hinging on these next...
  16. Joby

    Rice set for historic Libya visit, meeting Gaddafi

    Rice set for historic Libya visit, meeting Gaddafi - Yahoo! News Gaddafi made it thru alive. It'd be ironic if an Islamic group kills him next week for meeting with her.
  17. Joby

    Democrats: Is Joe Biden less qualified to be President than Obama is?

    Brief Resumes: Biden: Obama: Joe Biden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia United States Senate career of Barack Obama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Well, how do Biden and Obama rank up?
  18. Joby

    I Enlist Tomorrow!!!

    I passed my drug test! Yay! I'm here at the Sheridan, go back for my physical tomorrow. On my way to becoming a seama....er, sailor. :lol: .......not that i've ever experimented with any drug, of course. that would be against the law.... btw, is an 88 AFQT score good? Will I have a good set...
  19. Joby

    Ahmadinejad pushes India gas deal

    Hmmm...I wasn't India was on the list of Iran client states. Al Jazeera English - News - Ahmadinejad Pushes India Gas Deal
  20. Joby

    Would Obama Attacking Clinton be Suicide?

    For a while, I've wanted Obama to go on the offensive against Clinton. You know, it's OK to play the Ali strategy as long as eventually you land that knockout. But recently, a black politician came out (I couldn't remember his name or find the story. If anyone else has a link, it'd be...
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