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  1. marywollstonecraft

    Surfers in the southern hemisphere will benefit from climate change

    so ... if you like to catch a wave, time to think about moving south. the southern ocean has some great beaches that international surfing competitions haven't discovered yet, and they may be about to get better. Climate change increasing wave height - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  2. marywollstonecraft

    Howard ignored advice and went to war in Iraq

    It's been said before, but as the lies continue, even the former secretary to the Intelligence Committee just can't stand it any more, and wants the truth to be told...
  3. marywollstonecraft

    Judged by monkeys

    The more we learn about other species, the more like us they seem. Monkeys appreciate generous kind people. They even seem reluctant to take food from people they judge as selfish. BBC News - Capuchin monkeys 'shun selfish humans', study suggests
  4. marywollstonecraft

    First Muslim woman in NSW (Australian) Parliament

    this woman is a member of the Greens party, a party which has advocated for same sex marriage and wouldn't at first glance, seem to be the party you would expect to find a muslim associated with...but like she says, being muslim is only one aspect of who she is. She sees marriage equality as a...
  5. marywollstonecraft

    Shrimps affected by anti depressants

    :shock: well thts what I thought when I read the heading of this article. I had heard of prozac for dogs .... but crustaceans? no prescription required ... what we excrete, they consume.... and it changes their behaviour. just another thing in the long list of what we have to think about when...
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