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    Jewish man survives with Palestinian heart

    In order to change the negativity and to continue in my wish to break the vicious cycle of violence, I'm posting this story as an example of what I believe to be a tiny step toward coexistance. Please try to keep this thread positive and make an effort to find simmilar stories (even if there...
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    Beirut Synagogue

    I was in Lebanon recently and visited the Beirut synagogue which is breathtaking. Thought I'd share the news of its renovation. Renovation work is underway at the main synagogue in central Beirut, after approval from the Lebanese government, planning authorities and even Hezbollah...
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    Who Are the Spiders ?

    Question to the mods. I recently checked "who's online" and noticed that apart from the members and the guests there were about 50 names ending with "spider" reading posts ? Who are they ?
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    Who Reads Long Posts ?

    Just curious. Personally, I'm guilty of very rarely reading posts that are longer than 2 paragraphs. Am I the only one ?
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    Are both Arabs and Israelis guilty ?

    I posted this in another thread. I didn't just look for it randomly on internet, but I learned about Israeli children's books from an Israeli friend who actually offered me a compilation of a popular Israeli children's stories(published afer the 67 war) that I read and found utterly shocking...
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    Palestinians of Jewish Origine

    In order not to hijack another thread, I have decided to post this documentary (in 2 parts) in a new thread. I'd like to know what you all think about it. If it is credible, in my view the land conflict between Israelis and Palestinians become even more absurd than it already is. YouTube-...
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    Sad Christmas in Bethlehem

    As far I know, Palestinian Christians present no threat to the security of Israel, and yet, their movements are being restricted even during Christmas celebrations. As a result, the economical situation of the Christians of Bethlehem which mainly depends on tourism in in shambles. Some might...
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    Why Love Israel

    I've been posting on this forum for quite a while now and sometimes, some posters have told me that I "hate Israel". "Hate" is a big word, I don't "hate" Israel. Let's say, I don't exactly appreciate Israel, I'm not at all a fan of the Israeli right wing, to put it bluntly, I'm not pro-Israel...
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    Anne Frank film

    This was posted on youtube by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. It is the only film available of Anne Frank. I'm sure that most of you have read her diary. I've read it perhaps half a dozen times and kept her little picture in my wallet for years. Just thought I'd share YouTube - The only...
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    Masa Anti Assimilation Ads Yanked

    Did this really happen ??? how could such a thing happen in the first place? I'm proud of the Jewish people who protested against this ridiculous and discriminating ad campaign. ------------------------------ A unique anti-assimilation project launched by the Jewish Agency for Israel on local...
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    The last time that he checked in was on June 15. Is there a way by some miracle that someone has any news from him ? I'm worried about our Iranian member and hoping that he's ok.
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    How Old Are You ?

    I'm curious to know the average age of posters on this forum. Feel free to reveal your age or just to use the poll. I'm 45 and don't feel the need to hide my age.
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    American Heroes

    I discovered this fascinating young woman in a book that I read recently about the war in Iraq. Marla Ruzicka, a very young and beautful American woman looked more like a surfer on the beaches of California and yet she spent her time and energy in Iraq and Afghanistan trying to get compensation...
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    70% of Palestinian Youth Oppose Violence

    JERUSALEM – More than 80 percent of young Palestinians are depressed and 47 percent identify themselves as Muslim rather than Palestinian, according to a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) report. The report, based on interviews with 1,200 Palestinians over the age of 17 from the West...
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    Brigitte Gabriel

    I was PM-d this video by a member of the "other" forum as proof of the ultimate truth. We've never heard about this woman in Lebanon or in Europe but she seems to be very popular in the USA. She writes books, frequently lectures to American conservative-leaning organizations such as The...
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    UN Partition Vote

    I'm sorry that I had to copy-paste this from a post that I had on the "other" forum, but I really would like to share opinions about this. NO, this is NOT the only book that I've read about the issue as I have been accused "there" but it is the latest one that I've read and find it objective...
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    Testing 1 2 3

    Hello everyone, I was advised by posters on another forum to join this one because of its good reputation. I am of Lebanese origine and have been living in France for the past 20 years. I have also spent several years studying in California where my family lives. England is my second home...
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