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  1. tessaesque

    Trump Will Be President Forever

    Plano is overloaded and overpriced these days. With Toyota, Liberty Mutual, Hilte, and lord only knows who else coming to town our real estate market has become hyper inflated and now they're adding about 10 new "live, work, eat, play" multi-unit housing structures all over the west side. It's...
  2. tessaesque

    Trump Will Be President Forever

    I'm like 100% sure I read literally this exact same statement about Obama a million times in the previous eight years.
  3. tessaesque

    Trump Disgracefully Politicizes NYC Terror Attack

    Yeah, this happens with literally every major tragedy that occurs world-wide. All sides look for a means of using the event to push their agenda, and it always happens within the first 24 hours. This is not unique to Trump, nor any indication of him being a better or worse leader than every...
  4. tessaesque

    Have you ever been sexually harassed or assaulted?

    When I was younger I probably would have shrugged off an ass or boob grab. In some instances I might have even played along with it. But my older, less "wild and crazy" self finds the idea of those actions rather gross. I think there's something to that, and maybe it's part of the reason women...
  5. tessaesque

    Have you ever been sexually harassed or assaulted?

    I was assaulted twice by different men. The first time, I made the stupid decision to meet him at his apartment before our first date. He cornered me as I was leaving the bathroom and pushed me into his room, trying to get me onto his bed. When I told him no he laughed and said he preferred...
  6. tessaesque

    Slate: Time to Admit That Allowing Men Into the Workplace Was a Mistake

    Who the hell masturbates at work? Porn stars and sex shop employees aside.
  7. tessaesque

    What if the George Washington was a cannibal?

    At one point in time it was socially acceptable to own slaves. The idea that it was socially acceptable is abhorrent, of course, but at the time popular opinion supported the practice. If there were an extended period during Washington's life when cannibalism was a socially acceptable practice...
  8. tessaesque

    More votes equals a loss...revolution!

    .....yeah...revolt because a system that has been in place for over 200 years was used correctly but didn't return the result you wanted. The travesty of the electoral college isn't that it negates the popular vote to a small degree; it is that it negates the ability to entertain a viable...
  9. tessaesque

    EXCUSE ME, The D Party just got DECAPITATED and...

    I feel like everybody said the republican party was dead in 2008 and again in 2012. And I'm sure the democratic party was dead in 2000.
  10. tessaesque

    Trump Ally: We'll Tell Our Supporters Where Convention Delegates Are Staying

    Trump seems to enjoy employing fear as a bargaining chip. "Do it or else!" isn't how I want our leader to get things done.
  11. tessaesque

    Ted Cruz or Bust

  12. tessaesque

    Ted Cruz or Bust

    I sincerely cannot understand how Cruz is less palatable to people than Donald "It's yuuuuuuugeeeeeeeee" Trump. The man is as smarmy and disingenuous as any politician ever was and has the added benefit of being a delusion, raging narcissist on top of it.
  13. tessaesque

    Trump to Eliminate the Department of Environmental.

    Anybody else more appalled by the ridiculous grammar issues with "Department of Environmental" than by his not knowing the name of the EPA?
  14. tessaesque

    President Obama Defends Choosing a White Male for the US Supreme Court

    I feel like the diversity of a SCOTUS candidate should come from their professional background, not the color of their skin. How are ever going to become a post-racial society if we constantly challenge the advancement, employment, or selection of anybody for anything on the basis of their skin...
  15. tessaesque

    I have no clue what to do.

    Given the length of the relationship and the fact that he's abusive and still living there...I would DEFINITELY wait to start anything up with her. The last thing you want to do is put a target on her back (or yours) with this guy. He needs to be long, long gone...and she needs to be confident...
  16. tessaesque

    Chris Wallace will interview President Obama on 'Fox News Sunday'

    Matthews! That's the one! Freakin' weirdo.
  17. tessaesque

    Chris Wallace will interview President Obama on 'Fox News Sunday'

    Which one is Chris Wallace? Not the "thrill up my leg" guy, right?
  18. tessaesque

    Can willing adults be "exploited"?

    Sure, I suppose so...
  19. tessaesque

    Tennessee Could Make Bible the Official State Book

    State bird of Texas is the mockingbird. Not exactly a poignant choice, despite the popular book.
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