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    An Argument for Reducing Sedative Drug Offenses as opposed to Stimulants

    I believe that legalizing small quantities of mild sedatives like marijuanna for recreational use under highly restricted conditions would prevent violence and the continuance of illicit organizations dispensing them under the radar. First of all, I would like to declare my view that so-called...
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    Do you think politics has become more and more about show-boating and endorsement?

    Personally, I think that with Trump appearing on every single news channel when I turn the T.V. on, I think that he's essentially already been given the presidency, if gaining the presidency is to be measured in terms of how much publicity you have. And in these morally ambiguous times, is...
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    Potential Method of Alleviating Police Brutality's Effect on Inner-city Communities

    I am uncertain of existing laws that are similar to this. However, it seems appropriate that federal laws should be created to further the imposition of applicant acceptance preferences for police officers in a particular district of a municipality. How that it is to be defined seems to be...
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