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  1. sudan

    Why Does S. Sudan Matter So Much to the US?

    Sudan Vision Daily - Details
  2. sudan

    Why Does S. Sudan Matter So Much to the US?

    It wasn't so much a collective sigh of relief when President Salva Kiir finally signed the peace deal this week. It was more a sense of "let's see" as the US issued a warning that it would "hold to account" any of the leaders who might stray from their public commitment. For the moment, the...
  3. sudan

    What Is US Hiding Under its Sleeves for Sudan ?

    The US is relentlessly targeting Sudan and its people. It seems that it will never give up. It is always in continuous search for an excuse to interfere in the domestic affairs of the country. It keeps changing its skin introducing new approaches. Failing in one front it will open a new one. It...
  4. sudan

    US Sanctions Threaten Social Security in Sudan

    Speaker of the National Assembly, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer revealed, in his meeting here yesterday with members of the National Group for Human Rights, headed by Ibrahim Abdel Halim, revealed that the US sanctions and economic embargo on Sudan had a negative impact on the Sudanese economy...
  5. sudan

    US president Obama warns of action if peace fails in S.Sudan

    United States president, Barack Obama, has warned of measures against warring parties in South Sudan should they fail to sign a peace agreement and end the 20-month long civil war in the country. President Obama after a meeting with the United Nations (UN) secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, on...
  6. sudan

    Sudan to Export 150 Thousand of Guar to United States of America

    The Head of the Council of Guar commodity Badr Al Din Abu Zeid has told Sudan Vision yesterday that Sudan has been nominated to close the world gap of guar commodity estimated at 200 thousand tons. He said the United States needs 150 thousand tons of manufactured guar powder after it has...
  7. sudan

    U.S. Mulls over Importing Sesame and Guar from Sudan: Official

    Sudan’s minister of agriculture, Ibrahim al-Dikhairi, disclosed that the United States is considering granting exemption for the import of sesame and guar gum from Sudan which has been subject to economic sanctions for two decades. Al-Dikhairi said the U.S. has shown strong desire to cooperate...
  8. sudan

    AU Hands Obama Memo against US Sanctions on Sudan

    The African Union's Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) Presiding Officer, Dr. Joseph Chilengi, said that the Council has adapted a memo presented by the National Group for Human Rights – Sudan (NGHR – Sudan) to be handed to President Obama during his visit to Addis today in which...
  9. sudan

    US Embassy .. New Approach

    In the news, the US Embassy in Khartoum condemned the attack by rebels of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) on civilians in South Kordofan last month. The Embassys statement said that they noted with grave concern reports that on June 25 the SPLM-N attacked civilians in gold...
  10. sudan

    The Reality of the International Criminal Court

    Justice Denied “Imagine if there were a criminal court in Britain which only ever tried black people, which ignored crimes committed by whites and Asians and only took an interest in crimes committed by blacks. We would consider that racist, right? And yet there is an International Criminal...
  11. sudan

    UNAMID presence undermines Darfur security

    The presence of the hybrid forces in Darfur known as UNAMID has undermined the Sudanese government’s efforts to bring about security and stability in the region. The Sudanese government, therefore, has insisted on the withdrawal of these forces from the region. The failure of this force has...
  12. sudan

    US condemns SPLM-N attack on civilians in South Kordofan

    The Embassy of the United States of America (USA) in Khartoum condemned a deadly attack on civilians in South Kordofan state last month by the fighters of the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement - North (SPLM-N). ’’We note with grave concern reports that on June 25 the Sudan People’s...
  13. sudan

    UNAMID Exit and Soft Diplomacy

    The African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) has extended for an additional period of 12 months the mandate of the African Union United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) and called for the resumption of talks on an exit strategy. The AUPSC said it approved the extension of the UNAMID...
  14. sudan

    Washington arbitrarily keeps Sudan on list of terrorist countries

    As often, the United States has kept Sudan’s name on its list of states that sponsor terrorism despite promises and Sudan’s full cooperation with the global fight against terror. This arbitrary decision was taken by Obama administration despite the breakthrough in bilateral relations following...
  15. sudan

    ICC losing international support, cooperation

    Practically, no state will arrest sitting heads of state or hand him over to the International Criminal Court or help endanger international law. This is a risk and even ICC officials admitted that it’s so difficult to arrest any president who is still in office. If any state tries to arrest...
  16. sudan

    U.N. Expands Refugee Camp in Kenya as S. Sudan Conflict Rages

    Kakuma camp in northern Kenya is expanding by nearly a half, the U.N. refugee agency said on Saturday, to house refugees fleeing nearby South Sudan as hopes fade for peace in the world's newest nation. The arrival of some 44,000 South Sudanese refugees since late 2013, when fighting broke out...
  17. sudan

    UK More Loyal to Darfur than Its People

    Sudan Vision Daily - Details
  18. sudan

    UK More Loyal to Darfur than Its People

    The United Kingdom submitted a draft resolution to the UN Security Council about the renewal of the African Union-United Nations (UNAMID) Mission in Darfur. This unexpected move from UK, raise a serious question about the motives behind it. Why is the report at this time when the tripartite...
  19. sudan

    Africa Consents to Suspending ICC Procedures against Sudan

    The African states have backed Sudan’s proposal to suspend the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) procedures against President Al Bashir and instead demanded the African Union Commission to submit the decision to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Sudanese Ambassador to South Africa...
  20. sudan

    Legislative Council Commends Efforts of Civil society and Charity Organizations

    The Speaker of the Khartoum State Legislature, Sidiq Mohamed Ali Al Sheikh has commended the efforts exerted by the civil society and charity organizations in helping the poor families and in fighting against the harmful practices and the destructive ideologies, while at the same time preserving...
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