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  1. CrabCake

    How do you distribute wealth in a world with no work?

    As we all are well aware, technology often makes certain jobs obsolete. As machines and electronics start doing more and more of the work that once required manpower, we find ourselves with an interesting dilemma. It's easy to envision a world where all production is done by machines. Currently...
  2. CrabCake

    Can we have the role playing stuff moved somewhere else?

    Thirteen of the top fifteen topics in the US Constitution section right now are related to some role playing thing someone is running. Can the role playing be done somewhere else so the forum can go back to being a place to discuss the US constitution? I just noticed there's already a games...
  3. CrabCake

    What should your rights in regards to weaponry be?

    A lot of gun control / gun rights debates revolve around constitutional issues. This is fine, because that's ultimately what really matters in the US, but it prevents us from discussing more important issues. I would like to hear people's opinions on what your rights "ought to be" and why...
  4. CrabCake

    Interesting series of interviews

    I ran into this while reading The New York Times. It's a series of interviews of Philosophers regarding faith. None of this will be new to anyone familiar with Philosophy of Religion, but it's interesting to see the discussion brought to a popular publication for an amateur audience. It will...
  5. CrabCake

    Who is trying to ban guns?[W:1074:1468]

    It seems to be taken for granted that there is a movement to ban guns in the US. Yet, I have never heard of or encountered such a movement before. Then again, gun control / gun rights is not a pet issue of mine, so it's quite likely that I would miss the relevant news stories about this. So, for...
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