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    House backs increasing coronavirus stimulus checks to $2,000

    At least 40 republicans voted yes, I forget the final count though, almost all dems voted yes
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    Federal Law Enforcement Use Unmarked Vehicles To Grab Protesters Off Portland Streets

    Your brother is wrong, Miranda warning only has to be given if they are being interrogated (there is rules to what counts as that, but basically if you can't leave and it's not a traffic stop), and even then that's only if they want the evidence to be usable in court...
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    Washington NFL Franchise Names

    Voted Red Tails though looking through wiki could see some better names. My joke suggestion has been Washington Uyghurs if they really wanted to make their sponsors and Nike uncomfortable. But serious names: Phoenix, related to War of 1812 Composers, relating to the Marine Band Brass, Same...
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    2 People Charged With Hate Crime After Vandalizing Black Lives Matter Mural in California

    To be fair, that was federal and not CA state. Under CA state law it can be argued they committed a hate crime, though I think it's an overcharge.
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    SCOTUS sides with Trump over Obamacare religious exemptions

    There were 3 different concurring opinions: Opinion analysis: Court rejects challenge to exemptions from birth-control mandate - SCOTUSblog From my understanding, reading the whole post, the court didn't decide on the religious part or even if birth control should or shouldn't be included...
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    Which of these is the most important 2020 issue to you?

    Economy, then (or 1b) expanding health care. Also my usual stuff that'll never happen like legalizing gambling, prostitution, weed, etc.
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    Umatilla County politician wrote racist letter to himself, police say

    By the time they're found false, everyone has moved on and forgot about the case to begin with. Or it gets ignored because "well it started a conversation." Doesn't help on top of people jumping to conclusions, the news feeds into it for views/ratings, and if they get it wrong it's oh well...
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    2 People Charged With Hate Crime After Vandalizing Black Lives Matter Mural in California

    I think where they got them, though I'm still reading is PEN 422.56a: The interesting thing is at least under 422.55, anyone tearing down statues purely due to race could also be charged with a hate crime on top of Malicious Mischief (the law states Race or ethnicity as just that: race...
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    Is Kamala Harris the inevitable VP choice for Biden?

    I agree, right now he has the anti-Trump vote as being both the only alternative and that inoffensive enough to the Republican base (imo). Plus some of the people who don't want Trump but don't really like the left/Democrats. My thought is even he went with a Palin type, someone appealing to the...
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    Mike Pence Versus Joe Biden

    Misread the poll, guess I need more coffee :lol:, I'd vote 3rd party still but I do think Pence would probably win if he were running instead of Trump.
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    4- Charged for Attempt to Tear Down Andrew Jackson Statue

    I agree they should be charged, and I'd fine with Jackson's monument being removed. There is a way to go about that though, not just tearing something down because you don't like it. prison time would be way too much though, but I'm a believer that prisons should be for rehabilitation and not...
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    Biden slammed after wrongly saying ‘we have over 120 million dead from COVID’

    Yo mean throwing your vote away?! No way bro! :mrgreen: I'm still an optimist that someday people will realize there are 3rd parties, and voting for one isn't "throwing your vote away" like the Republicans and Democrats want people to believe =/.
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    How many Biden/Trump debates should there be?

    3, it's the usual amount if I recall. Now if I'm allowed to dream, I'd like at least 1 if not all 3 to have Jorgensen and whoever (likely Howie) wins the Green Party nomination at the debates as well ;).
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    Is the fat acceptance movement good for society?

    Good and bad. Good because they're right, shaming people for being fat isn't going to help anything. Education, saying it isn't good because of the health issues that arise, tips to lose weight, etc. are good; by an organization, or a friend looking for advice to lose weight, just going up to an...
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    What are your thoughts on on Trump Derangement Syndrome?

    I went with a mix. It's basically the left wing version of the anti-Obama people. It can also be used as a retort to even for legitimate complains about Trump, not helped by the whole Not my President BS that started as soon as he was elected.
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    Trump signs order prioritizing job skills over college degree in government hiring

    Agreed on both parts, I think some jobs do need a degree but there are also some that you just need the knowledge and if that's through work experience instead of school (or through a trade school) that's fine. I'd even say some cases work experience trumps college for the knowledge needed. I...
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    Dems warm to Biden’s bunker strategy

    Surprised it has worked so far, but at this point the best bet is for Biden to continue the Diane Douglas strategy and hope people vote for him based on the letter next to his name (or, in this case, his name not being Trump). Also pick a good VP that won't upset either base too much.
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    A noose was found in Bubba Wallace's garage stall, NASCAR says

    Latest from Wallace, from this morning: Wallace defends investigation into noose - Reuters
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    A noose was found in Bubba Wallace's garage stall, NASCAR says

    He's doubling down that it's not a garage pull, even if not directed at him but still a noose: https://twitter.com/CNNTonight/status/1275628502952349696 (the it's not a garage pull part is around 1:14)
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    A noose was found in Bubba Wallace's garage stall, NASCAR says

    Why I blame NASCAR, Wallace may have never seen the noose they were referencing which turned out to be the garage pull (couldn't think of the words, as can tell I spend a lot of time around garages :mrgreen:). Other drivers probably didn't either, but NASCAR did and chose to run with the noose...
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