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    Russia Lake Syamozero: Children die after storm catches boating group

    Most of the survivors reached an island in the lake while others were found in a village, some of them washed ashore. The children were on holiday from Moscow, and Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has sent doctors and psychologists. Three people have been arrested on suspicion of safety violations. "A...
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    How the GOP could cut ties with Donald Trump

    There's renewed talk in some Republican circles to find a way out as Trump lags big time behind Hillary Clinton in several new polls, and he has the highest unfavorable rating of any candidate for a major party on record -- 70% in this week's Washington Post-ABC poll. One source with knowledge...
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    Russia Doesn't Want A New Cold War, Says Vladimir Putin

    ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA: President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia did not want a new Cold war with the West and did not like to think it was slipping into one. "I am sure that nobody wants that. We certainly do not want that," Putin said during a question and answer session at the St...
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    Jo Cox death: Tributes paid in memory of killed Labour MP

    The 41-year-old was attacked after holding a constituency surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire on Thursday. Among those who honoured Mrs Cox was Hillary Clinton, the US Democratic Party's presidential hopeful, who said: "It is cruel and terrible that her life was cut short." Mrs Cox's husband...
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    Jo Cox MP dead after shooting attack, UK, England

    An MP has died after she was shot and stabbed in a "horrific" assault in her constituency, police have said. Jo Cox, Labour MP for Batley and Spen, was left bleeding on the ground after the attack in Birstall, West Yorkshire. A man was arrested nearby. One eyewitness told the BBC they heard her...
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    Orlando shooting: Obama condemns LGBT discrimination. A gunman killed 49 people on Sunday morning at a gay nightclub in the city. Mr Obama challenged the Republican-controlled Congress to pass gun control legislation. But Republican Senator John McCain said the president was "directly...
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