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  1. CrabCake

    Wich Religion contributes more in Charity?

    No one's attacking the middle class for not giving enough; you're the one creating a post about who gives more. The argument for universal healthcare is that healthcare should be a right and that we can do a better job of providing it through a single payer system than through a network of...
  2. CrabCake

    Link Between Intelligence & Viewing the World in Greater Detail

    It shows that we have a poor understanding of what intelligence means. We tend to think of intelligence as a single attribute that describes the entirety of a person's mental capacity; but this model doesn't seem to match reality. I think Howard Gardner gets a bit closer to a good model for...
  3. CrabCake

    Biblical Universalism

    What's interesting is that if you study early Christianity, you discover that the earliest debates the church fathers and patriarchs were having weren't about whether there are people who will not be reconciled to God in the end, but whether salvation extends even to Satan and the demons as well...
  4. CrabCake

    Children Chained to Beds; the Dark Side, Perhaps, of Home Schooling?

    What does this have to do with religion and politics?
  5. CrabCake

    A Christian Biblical Study of the Holy Spirit & Spiritual Orbs

    If this were delusion; which it probably isn't, directly challenging the person's delusion is precisely what psychiatrists say you should NOT do. Mental health professionals recommend an empathy model which is pretty much the opposite of what you are doing. Politeness resembles what the mental...
  6. CrabCake

    Faith vs Works

    An Evangelical Inclusivist Defends Evangelical Inclusivism This provides a fairly good summary. For a more complete exegesis, you might consider reading "The Evangelical Universalist" by Gregory Macdonald or look up some of the talks and interviews he's given, some of which have been uploaded...
  7. CrabCake

    Faith vs Works

    I'm getting it from the mouth of Jesus. Here it is again: Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. These people called on Jesus. They even stepped out in faith and began to prophecy, work miracles...
  8. CrabCake

    Faith vs Works

    We all like to think that our view is what "the Bible specifically says". But it's rarely that simple. For example, Jesus is talking to people who have faith in him, have called out to him, and have been actively prophesying, casting out demons, and doing miracles in his name when he tells them...
  9. CrabCake

    You can’t be a good Christian and a good Democrat

    Seeing as most Democrats (about 65%) consider themselves Christian, I think you're mistaken.
  10. CrabCake

    No "...and lead us not into temptation"?

    Blindly echoing a set of specific words would be rather pointless. But using words that you truly mean but that were written by someone else makes a lot of sense. It's just like what we do when we sing worship songs we didn't write ourselves. We may not have written it, but we mean every word of...
  11. CrabCake

    Faith vs Works

    I think we would agree on the important functional aspects but disagree in the way we talk about it. I would not describe people as tending towards the good because I believe in the doctrines of original sin and total depravity. I would talk about it in terms of our response to the grace given...
  12. CrabCake

    Faith vs Works

    My view, which is based on an inclusivist understanding of the Wesleyan doctrine of prevenient grace, is that God has imbued everyone with the desire to know him and be in relationship with him. You can resist that desire, go your own way and live a selfish life, in which case your salvation is...
  13. CrabCake

    What Happens If There's No Counter-Protest?

    They would certainly be disappointed if they got no attention. Their entire goal is to get attention so if a march didn't work it's not as if they would give up and go away for ever. It would mean they need to be louder and more confrontational until they do get the attention they are after. If...
  14. CrabCake

    Christian School Reportedly Told 12-Year-Old His Alleged Rape Was ‘Boys Being Boys’

    Re: Christian School Reportedly Told 12-Year-Old His Alleged Rape Was ‘Boys Being Boy There wasn't a sexual assault case against Bill Clinton. There was a sexual harassment claim...if that's what you meant.
  15. CrabCake

    Transgenderism vs Christianity

    Show some evidence and I'll believe you.
  16. CrabCake

    The Case for Christ

    No, it does not. It appears you are unable to identify who qualifies as a major scholar. You fell for a crackpot and are doubling down.
  17. CrabCake

    The Case for Christ

    OK...you go ahead and believe that. I think enough evidence has been provided here that no one else but you is going to fall for that.
  18. CrabCake

    The Case for Christ

    His accolades in other fields are irrelevant. The fact remains his work on the historical Jesus and Paul is widely panned by NT Scholars and historians alike. Virtually no scholar of any note takes his work in those areas seriously. But I guess you've created your own alternate history where...
  19. CrabCake

    The Case for Christ

    Maccoby's work on the historical Jesus and Paul has been widely panned and finds virtually no support in the scholarly community. Believe him and promote his work if you will, just be aware that you are not promoting a view held by any serious number of historians, but rather a fringe position...
  20. CrabCake

    Federal court: NC commissioners' prayer practice violates U.S. Constitution

    They didn't use the 14th amendment; they used the commerce clause.
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