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  1. foadi

    Trump planning 'victory tour' of states he won

    I am planning on attending as many of these rallies as possible to sell Trump gear. Was wondering if any of you had suggestions on what type of stuff to sell? I'd imagine old campaign stuff would still sell a little, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to shift my inventory to something more...
  2. foadi

    California Governor Approves Bill Increasing Age to Buy Tobacco From 18 to 21

    Wooooooo, Brown finally signed it! It's been sitting on his desks for months. The tobacco lobby has been threatening to obstruct everything in CA if he signs it. Can't wait to see the fall out from this, going to be so awesome!
  3. foadi

    Making Money Off Presidential Elections

    2016 looks like it will be a blockbuster year as far as campaign finance goes. Billions will be spent to sway a few thousand people in a select few states. Just wondering if any of ya'll have any ideas on how to get some of that moniez? In the past I have mostly done small time stuff during...
  4. foadi

    Hay Guise

    Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is foadi. Recognize a few of you from other now-defunct political forums. PoS mentioned this site to me a few months ago and said I should check it out. Place looks cewl so far, so might stick around for a bit. About me: I am a political consultant...
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