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    What about the person who dips tobacco that might lose his bottom lip?
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    Have you heard about the employees for some company in Minnesota that were fired for smoking, not weed but cigarettes. I know the company wouldn't want to pay for a smoking employees medical bills later as their health decreases rapidly but do you think this would be a basis for termination?
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    Hey freedom if you want people to take you seriously then you need to start making some kinda sense. I don't know it might work, you certainly haven't tried it yet.
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    I 'm a debate junkie

    HI Mechman will you plese explain yourself what lawsuit ??? heres a little advice if you REALLY WANT anybody to take you seuorly (spell check ) get rid of you STUPID picture of you????? I ASUME it's you!!! freedom69 This is what freedom has sent me via private message. I don't know what to...
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    A simple Yes or No with a short explanation.

    Thank you your a gentleman and a scholar!
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    Media Bias and Mis-information

    Your right you have to listen to the news and form your own opinion of what is really going on. I get my news from the radio and as you know it is defenitly dominated by the right. Out of all the news casters Rush is the most ignorant one of all. Not only is he a hypocrite he's an EXTREME...
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    I 'm a debate junkie

    Watch out for the lawsuits vauge ;)
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    Howard Deans Racist Comment......

    I'm not black but if I was I think I would be offended
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    Hi, y'all

    Hey I'm from Waco Texas so Howdy pardner
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    A simple Yes or No with a short explanation.

    First I know that Sandy is no longer a part of this forum but I would still like to comment about her views on government. She says that she is against government, so dosen't that mean she is against her self? Aren't the people the "goverment"? We need more Government and less Congress! The...
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    Why is USA the FAT nation, of the world?

    I'm 6'4 and 250 lbs right at the weight I should be. I guess that is because I haven't been lazy my whole life it get up and turn the T.V. off and take a walk, you know nothing stenuous just a leisurley stroll. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we all need to get off our asses away from...
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    Cell phones in cars

    Me personally I hate cell phones all together it is nothing more than a fashion trend! These self important techno d**ks want to seem important "I'm reaching out" is what they say, oh yeah well reach out and jerk me off. If cell phones were invisible they wouldn't own one!
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    This just in.....

    I like driving while I'm high with those girls in my car!
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    An Old Joke

    I've heard it before but never with Gee Dubbya and Cheney it truly captures their personalities!
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    War in the Near Future?

    The more we talk about who we are going to war with next, the more we realize that this could be a start to WWIII
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    Countries Favorability.

    I put down France. Why? I have no idea but hey I'm an american and it is the american way to hate somebody isn't it?
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    illegal immmigrant welfare/ SS?

    Nope, the keyword here is illegal. :thumbdown
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    What upcoming movie do you most want to see and why?

    Wow they're making a Fantastic Four movie?
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    Lawyer Joke

    A guy walks into a bar surrounded by beautiful women and a foot tall midget sitting on his shoulder. He walks up to the bartender and says, buy all my women a round of drinks. Bartender lines the drinks on the bar and the guy pulls out a wad of money and hands it to him. The women went to grab...
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    Is there a God?

    I guess nobody wants to get Krunk so.......... I Win!!!!!!!!! :fu
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