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  1. J

    The Downing Memo

    Hoot, I must say that your remark, "The real history is that the republican congress and then FBI director Louis Freeh deliberately undercut Clinton's efforts to combat terrorism." is a real hoot! Johnsdad
  2. J

    Is it a beginning of genocide?

    Mo, I suggest that you live another 33 years, live in the third world for fifteen years, visit 47 states or live in them throughout your life and then rethink your position. Oh, and maybe partake in a war or two. With that, you might just acquire the knowledge that will substantiate your...
  3. J

    Should felons own guns?

    Teacher Glad you agree. The guy is a real nice guy if you just met him, very well educated, pleasant etc. Family as we grew up was very nice, church going and both he and his brother were very active in student-body politics. On the outside, he was very normal. But, he is one sick person. I...
  4. J

    Bush Needs Stem Cells to Cure HIS Alzheimers

    I do believe that your point could be much better stated, believed and discussed without your polarization of the issue based upon your obvious dislike of the President. I never met John Kerry, but I was in Vietnam for five and half years. During that time, I did a considerable amount of work...
  5. J

    Should felons own guns?

    Absolutely not. You give up the right when you commit the felony. I can also add this: A neighbor family, one house away, had a child one month younger than I. Essentially, I have known him since I was born and I am 66. We lived in that close proximity until we were in college, but because...
  6. J

    First Post

    This is my first post. I live in AZ, the valley of the sun, am 66 years old, married, male, retired and generally rather Conservative.
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