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    Have you heard about the employees for some company in Minnesota that were fired for smoking, not weed but cigarettes. I know the company wouldn't want to pay for a smoking employees medical bills later as their health decreases rapidly but do you think this would be a basis for termination?
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    Hey it's your good pal MeChMAN here and I'm f***ing bored so if anybody has yahoo messanger feel free to say what's up at timba050483!
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    New Sports section added to forum

    I have just received a word from the top that maybe we can add a sports section to our forum to discuss well what else sports. So we are going to do this the democratic way by voting on whether or not we should have one. Don't worry no electoral votes here 100% popular votes
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    What do you think about cloning?
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    Any good unbiased political websites?

    Are there any good unbiased political websites so that I can get news from?
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    who do you think will win the Super bowl?

    I don't know if anybody here enjoys the game of football like me but I just wanted to know for the helluv it
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    Sick and tired

    I am a student and I rely on financial aid to pay for my education. I have read that Bush has just cut his spending for financial aid. Over 90,000 students nation wide will not receive financial aid and over 1.3 million will have their aid cut. That means these students will have to make...
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    Hey everybody

    I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone on this forum I really have nothing else to say about myself but i think you will get an idea of what kind of person i am during the debates. ;)
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