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    Russian officials and submarine conspiracy

    Few days ago I’ve posted my message for topic: Crazy Theories. Part of my story was that Russian submarine has been occasionally crashed with American submarine “Memphis”. Leaving in Ukraine, I have a chance to watch Russian TV. Now, I’m watching Russian documentary, released by RTR...
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    Is atheism a religion?

    Re: Atheism a religion Atheism can not be a religion because it’s only one point for large number of different philosophical systems. However, some of those theories such as communism can easily turn into new religion. Atheism can not be a religion itself, as well as monotheism or paganism...
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    Just imagine. It will be two main racial and cultural groups, perhaps, shearing the same cities, but having different currency – black muslims and red Chinese.
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    What is socialism?

    Actually, there is no difference what kind of economy in certain country, whatever it is a socialism or capitalism. If there is a country with low developed economy and nation is not educated well enough (like Russia in early 20 century) - life in this country is going to be awful. Yes, we...
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    Freedom of speech and journalists responsibility.

    Isn?t a good idea to exchange Judith Miller for dozen of American POW?
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    Is Bush a Psychopath without conscience??

    It’s all about prosaq, or some other drugs used by high ranking politicians of this generation from all over the world. Look on George W, Chainy, or Condy. Look at the Russian president, British PM. It’s all about pharmaceutics experiments. And famous Lance is just a guinea-pig for those prosaq...
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    Crazy Theories

    Last mission of Russian submarine Kursk was to attack HAARP. Kursk has been stop by US submarine Memphis, which later appear on NATO base in Norwey, for uncertain repair. Russians asked for inspection of Memphis; however US did not allow any inspection. So, Mr. Putin?s famous answer: "It sunk"...
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    I'm afraid of my own country...

    Have you ever heard about certain countries, which create terrible criminal situations, on purpose of staging dozens of political assassinations which could be easy to represent as an every-day crime without any political background? What do you think about countries, where ¾ of former...
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    I'm afraid of my own country...

    You know, every citizen of any country can say someth. like:" I'm afraid of my own country". And US is not the worst one
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    Chechen separatists involved into London bombings?

    If your russian is good enough, I would advise to reed protocols of Beslan hearings. It’s really weird but it looks like Chechens do not lie about self-terror in Russia. So, probably they just think that the world is one big Russia (as all post USSR people do). They believe that England...
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    Viktor Yushchenko Poisoned?

    Three dead men who built up mar Yuschenko’s success. 1. Mr. Hetman, former head of Ukrainian State Banc (Yu, has been the second man of this structure) was shot exactly before Yuschenco become doing his job. Mr. Hetman was also a godfather of Yu’s first wife, and few months after Mr. Hetman’s...
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