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    The Question of God

    We've debated this before (well, I missed most of the last debate, so most of you have debated this before), but I think it deserves another thread. The classis arguments for the existence of God are: 1. The order of the universe...the random creation of comething so ordered as our planet...
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    Oil crisis

    I've recently read a very interesting article detailing the destruction the coming depletion of oil could have, and likely will have, upon the world we live in. Just thinking of all the things oil does for us, and imagining life without it, I pose two questions, one to my fellow...
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    After some rather disheartening discussions on these forums, I feel I must ask the question: does anybody care that economic democracy in America is almost gone? Does anyone care that the richest 1% in America control 40% of the nation's wealth, and the next richest 9% control an additional...
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    Some, when debating with me, may wonder, what's so bad about increasing levels of inequality? Why worry about it? While many of us on the left see the clear danger of putting a huge percentage of our economy into the hands of a few, others seem to pass inequality off as a 'class warfare'...
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    A question for Gabo

    This is simply a question to Gabo, and others of you on the right: you claim to want more freedom, which I personally have no problem with, yet in the same breath you will attack socialism: If not further nationalisation (complete socialism) with a democratic government (representative democracy...
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    Larry Kudlow will tell you, face to face, that he is a man of the people, yet lately on his show he blatantly says that 'This is a pro-business show'! Talk about hypocrisy! But this is rather common in the new market populism days. We hear people constantly talking of how the market is, by...
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    The New Economy in America and its Discontents

    I came across some startling figures today. They all concern the New Economy that many, if not all, US politicians support. Let's go through the facts. First of all, the Gini coefficient, a measurement of a population's income inequality, is currrently past .45, a level not seen since the...
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    Patriotism and its Discontents

    Welcome to the 21st century, America. What do you see? We see a land where people fly their red, white, and blue flags high, a land where the majority of people every two years vote against their economic interests and instead for 'moral issues', a land in which opposing the President makes one...
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    Well, it's official. North Korea has nuclear weapons, and Iran will soon be capable of having them. Within ten years, N. Korea will have the ability to fire nukes at the west coast. So how should the US deal with these two real threats?
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    Ignorance is Bliss!?

    I wanted to stir up some debate, and the best way to do that with a conservative is to tell the truth. So here it is. Politics today reveal a frightening story of a major shift of power. Unfortunately, this power shift and the general trend of politics and economics today is ever further to...
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    Cons: Speak!

    This is just a friendly request to any conservative. Please oh Please come in here and defend your position on Social Security!! I've looked at the situation and I haven't the slightest idea how anyone could support Bush's plan.
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    Where are you Liberalism?

    I'm wondering if any other liberals have noticed a frightening economic trend in this country: a dramatic shift to the right. The old values of liberalism (equality and economic security) are all but gone as most Democrats now are moderate when it comes to economics, supporting the free market...
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    State of the Union

    Unfortuntely, I'm going to miss Bush's state of the union speech tonight....If anyone could be so kind as to give me some kind of summary of it I'd really appreciate it. I'm especially interested in what he says about Social Security and, of course, the future of his "war on terror"...Thanks.
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    US vs. World

    Anyone have any ideas as to why the US consistently ranks below the rest of the civilized world in major testing and literacy rates. For example, the UK, France, and Germany all have literacy rates of 99-100% while the US hovers a bit lower, somewhere around 96-97%. This 2-3% may not seem like...
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    SS & HC

    Ss & Hc This is the real deal on social security with some commentary on health care. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/_/id/6822964
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    Mitch Daniels

    First off, anyone from Indiana here? If you are, I must ask, how could you have voted for Mitch Daniels? He is anti-labor (he illustrated this in his first week in office!) while the majority of people who voted for him are the workeres he is attacking! Quite paradoxical.
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    Economics and Morals II

    Well I never got a reply to my previous question, but maybe in this new forum it will get answered. I was wondering why poor people in this country currently are voting AGAINST their economic interest by voting Republican. The people who vote this way seem to think their morals outway economics...
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    I was just owndering why their is no "economics" category. It seems to be a pretty hot issue. I have become quite concerned with people's misunderstanding economics. For example, many (I'm not quite sure if it is a majority, but I know its close) of the working poor are voting against their...
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    Iraq Invasion

    This is a question for all you conservatives out there...Why did we invade Iraq? Now before you answer, consider the following: We didn't invade Iraq for humanitarian reasons, we knew that, for whatever reason, Saddam had stopped his mass murders. If we wanted to go there to help Iraqis, we...
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    Economics vs. Morals

    I was just wondering if anyone has an explanation for the current trend of people voting AGAINST their economic interests. For example, poor people in the Great Plains. These people, the former advocates of radicalism and the former supporters of the old Populist party, have now converted...
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