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    The Politics of Polarization

    http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,172518,00.html As the son of an engineer, I have always been fascinated with the mathematical side of politics. Numbers don’t lie, and a new report just issued by the think tank ThirdWay provides some interesting statistical analysis of the electorate as well...
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    Kurt Busch leaving Roush for the 2 Car

    Kurt Busch signed a Deal with Penski Racing to Drive the 2 car that Rusty Wallace is leaving.
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    Tony Stewart Wins at Indy

    Does anyone else here think this was just the greatest? I mean the man said he would give up his Championship for the win. I was so thrilled for him, and love his celebrations.
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    Cute Joke

    There's a little old Christian lady living next door to an atheist. Every morning the lady comes out onto her front porch and shouts "Praise the Lord!". The atheist yells back, "There is no God". She does this every morning with the same result. As time goes on the lady runs into financial...
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    Four brothers left home for college. They became successful doctors and lawyers and prospered. Some years later, they chatted after having dinner together. They discussed the gifts that they were able to give to their elderly mother who lived far away in another city. The first said, "I had...
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    My Debate Forum

    This debate forum you all are already at is so awesome that I doubt any of you would decide to check mine out, but I asked if I could post my link here anyway and I was told yes so this is my link http://rc12d.proboards33.com/index.cgi. I don't have half as many people as this site has but...
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    Hey Everyone

    Hey, I'm Rachael and I love Politics. I'm from Tennessee and my claim to fame is meeting President Bush at a rally in 2002. I stood outside in line to get inside in 20 degree weather for 4 hours. But well worth it because I got to shake his hand. I'm a Conservative Republican. :mrgreen:
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