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    can someone explain the 27th ammendment

    We just recently went over the constitution and we spent about one day reviewing ammendments..... the 27th ammendment seems slightly corrupt and evil.....or at least the way it was interpretted to me anyway....my teacher was very vague and the book had the word for word ammendment but I was...
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    Heating and electric Sur tax

    I heard something on the news recently about a new bill trying to get passed where the electric and gas companies can actually charge you for not using electricity and gas. I was wondering if anyone else heard something and if so what are your thoughts?
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    Whatever happened to anthrax?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows? I mean there for a good couple months that was all that was reported and now the word might as well just not exist... I like to think that it wasn't just bs... :bs
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