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    Dumb Lawyers (My Apologies to Smart Ones)

    We've all seen movies and television shows about it. There is always a chance that we could be wrongly accused of a crime. Fortunately, there are intelligent, competent attorneys who could protect our liberty at such a time. Unfortunately, the following lawyers are not among them. Believe it or...
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    What Should My Avatar Be?

    Ever the centrist, I'll take into consideration what (if any) avatar you think I should get. Feel free to give specific suggestions. Thank you very much.
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    George W. Bush: Center or Far-Right?

    Based on most conventional political measurements, George W. Bush is far to the right of center, but I have seen some claims (especially on libertarian sites) that he is a centrist. It is my opinion that he was only slightly right of center (within the centrist range) in 2000, but that he has...
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    Who Is the Greatest Major Leaguer Ever?

    I'll start another thread on Negro League players to discuss their disputed statistics, but among Major League players, who do you think is the greatest all-around player ever? I would say Willie Mays. I think that the best Major League pitcher ever was Walter Johnson. What is your opinion...
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    What Is Your Favorite Love Song?

    Among songs that are exclusively about love and romance, what is your favorite? Without question mine is Heart's "Alone". At least from my own male perspective, no greater love song has been written.
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    My Political Platform

    My political platform is probably best described as centrist, but you can be the judge of what (if any) political party I might want to join. Here are its essential points: 1. Shift funds that currently go to abortions to abortion alternatives and to expanding adoption programs. Make a...
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    Who On the Site Would You Elect US President?

    If you had to pick one member of this site to nominate to be the President of the United States, who would it be? Once I get a high enough number of nominations in these, the "primaries", I will make a final election. I did this on another site but got very low voter turnout. :smile: Campaign...
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    Songs You Don't Admit You Like

    Let's admit it. We all listen to some songs that we would be at least slightly embarrassed to admit we like. I took quite a ribbing on another site for my musical tastes. These are probably the most embarrassing for me: Hilary Duff's "Come Clean" (Really, this is a very good song) Stacie...
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    All the Best Political Quizzes

    Here are links to five political tests. They contradict one another so I'll let you decide which is the most accurate. I already provided a link to the second one in another thread. Here they are, followed below by my results on each one, respectively: http://www.politicalcompass.org/...
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    Should I Be an Ideologue or a Pragmatist?

    I'm sure you're all rather sick of my "I'm not going to give my opinion" line. My problem on previous forums is that I have been an ideologue. Sometimes I am to the left and sometimes to the right, but I have always taken the approach of being fiercely uncompromising and aiming for goals that I...
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    Free Trade Negotiations

    Here is some news regarding trade negotiations between Asia and Europe: NOV. 18 2:13 P.M. ET Pacific rim leaders called on Europe to be more flexible during world trade negotiations, warning on Friday that talks next month could be the last chance to make progress on freeing markets anytime...
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    Taxation Poll

    Again, without telling you my opinion (or voting in the poll) I have an interesting question to raise. Do you think that our tax system should be made more progressive, left at about what it is now or that the progressive income tax should be replaced by a flat tax or a similar system (e.g. a...
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    What Is the Most Underrated Song?

    Of anything from the rock/pop genres, what do you think the most underrated song is? There are many candidates in my mind, but I would have to pick Sarina Paris' "Look at Us".
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    Discuss and Submit Literature

    This is a thread for authors, whether amateur, professional or just plain atrocious (like me) to discuss literature and submit samples of their works. I have written five terrible poems, none of which, of course, has actually been published. One is of a political nature so I will omit it, but...
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    Find Your Core Political Beliefs

    Although I have taken this test, I won't reveal my score so as not to cause any discord. I can say that it is an excellent measurement not merely of one's political views, but rather of the reasons for them. I am guessing that it will tell you more about your core political ideology than you...
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    Seven Perfect Songs (Copied)

    First of all, to give you an introductory and "demographic" profile, I am male, 20 years old and I live in Oregon, USA. Leon Battista Alberti once described the beautiful as something that cannot be altered except for the worse. While this definition is clearly subjective, it is probably the...
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    Hello-Any Fellow PoliticalForum.com Migrants?

    As you may have heard, PoliticalForum.com has crashed. I won't reveal which member of that site I was so as not to reveal too much about my political leanings, but I am curious as to whether anyone I know from that forum has migrated here. For demographic purposes, I am male, 20 years old and...
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