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    Wolfowitz reflects poorly on the US

    Why not just resign, for crying out loud? Normally I don't quote blogs, but Bill Wolfrum has a point, absent the partisan cracks (which I agree with, but still..) source
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    ******* and moaning

    I ****ing hate American Idol. I hate that stupid **** with a passion. And now for the next couple of months I will be inflicted with catching bits and pieces of it as I walk through the living room where my wife is watching it. Or hear tid bits from some dumbass, goofus morning radio jock who...
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    Supreme Court strikes down White House’s detainee policy

    A big loss for King George. A plus for those of us who like the powers of government divided among three branches and prefer not to live in a monarchy. And 5-3! Wow, pretty decisive for this court.
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    Mainstream media

    Some questions: What is "mainstream media" and what news sources/agencies do you consider to be mainstream? Based on what criteria? Are your own political views used to determine what is and what is not mainstream media? When someone states they prefer non-mainstream media does that...
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    Hello from wonder cow

    Hello everyone!
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