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    Technology and Learning-The cheapest way to get a good education

    That's a great little URL. I listened to a matrix algebra lecture by an MIT professor with great interest. I already knew most of it, but I did pick up a couple of insights. You can pick up quite a bit with the canned stuff and you might even think you know it thoroughly, but I think you've...
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    oil-Are we screwed?

    Absolutely true, of course. The system will take care of itself. It should be pointed out that the system's goals are to maximize profits before all else and that this is not necessarily good for either society or the system's customers. If the system can make more money selling fuel for...
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    cursed or not...

    The bible and the idea of original sin were both created by the RCC. This generated a threat from which the church could protect the faithful.
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    A question for athiests

    If my life without God is purposeless, what is there about believing in a god that makes life purposeful? I will have to admit that earning a slot in heaven rather than hell has something to be said for it, assuming that either exist, of course. However, the idea of an eternity of existence...
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    Vatican's chief astronomer says intelligent design is not science

    I seem to recall reading that the Pope recently said the direct opposite. If so this is apt to be interesting times for our astronomer.
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    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    And in that thirty intervening years it would never have occurred to you to do something useful with the knowledge; to have fun playing with it; or to advance it? The purpose of tools is only to make more tools? It is probably just as well that you decided not to clutter up the scientific...
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    Is there a God?

    Having no end implies having no beginning. Where was your "soul" 10 million years ago?
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    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    Just wondering exactly what data, scientific or otherwise, would support divine anything.
  9. K

    Did the founders intend this to be a Christian nation?

    OK, but what's your point?:confused:
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    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    You should get your time line straightened out a bit. The "ape-like" creature would have lived a million or so years before the pyramids were ever built.
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    Did the founders intend this to be a Christian nation?

    Could you expand that a bit? I'm not sure what you mean.
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    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    As far as I know abiogenisis has not yet been demonstrated and is simply pure speculation. Precursors to life have been found, but life itself, no. Come to think of it, there would be no way of certifying spontaneously generated life unless it were made from scratch.
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    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    There is no "evolutionary process from apes to man". Apes are one tine of a fork and humans are another. There was a common ancestor. Creationism wouldn't exist if it didn't have evolution to kvetch about.
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    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    "ID/Creationism has no place in a classroom because there is not a way to prove it false." Nor any way to prove it true, for that matter.
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    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    I have no particular objection to saying that some mythological and extraordinarily elusive character created the universe. What I consider to be important is the tools it may have used. That is what I want me and my children to know about. "Gawd didut" is not especially informative or...
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    Did the founders intend this to be a Christian nation?

    In God we trust is a latecomer, which occurred long after the Constitution was written. Look on the great seal of the US where is says "Novus Ordo Seclorum". I translate that as New Secular Order. What do you make it out to be?
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    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    "The theory of gravity is slow to change simply because it has been verified through countless experimentation over many years. Had you entered into a discussion during the period in which Newton was formulating his theory or when Aristotle was describing items at rest in their natural place...
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    Boston Legal

    I viewed my TIVO'd Boston Legal last night, and I must say that things keep getting more and more weird. Candace wasn't there, but they do seem to have a new character. A lot like cigarettes...you keep coming back.
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    Illegal Immigration

    Yes. One of my extended relatives. This man is eighty years old, a retired college dean and a recognized botonist. He now lives on his farm on Maryland's Eastern Shore, where his wife keeps her collection of pet horses, and fusses about the beavers damming his creeks. By all this I intend to...
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    Did the founders intend this to be a Christian nation?

    Thanks. Keep up the good work.
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