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    save these words for me, please. you are my friends.

    a_shields Joined Mon 02/02/09 Posts: 368 Tue 08/04/09 01:43 AM anyone want to hear? Quote | Reply a_shields Joined Mon 02/02/09 Posts: 368 Tue 08/04/09 01:47 AM if no one asks me to tell it - it just won't be told. Ever. Quote | Reply gayfifer Joined Sat 04/04/09 Posts: 5278...
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    Should I Become God?

    So here it is: I am 25. I grew up a conservative. My parents both have (I have just found this out) Jesus Christ syndrome: they run around making choices for other people with the idea that they are somehow not human themselves. They don't get why they always end up offending people. They throw...
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    See Inauguration In Person?

    **Edit: yes it is possible. See JCCIC ANNOUNCES INAUGURAL PROGRAM I want to drive to DC and see Obama sworn into office. Is this even realistic? I hear all this crap about tickets given to lucky lottery winners and stuff. When the hell did people start needing tickets? If I drive there, will...
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    Where does racism come from?

    Listening to Obama's recitation of "Dreams from my Father", I began thinking about where racism comes from. Thusfar, all I have heard in popular culture is that "racism is ignorant/stupid". That statement does not explain where it comes from, only an opinion on its existence. So where does it...
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    Am I Becoming a Democrat?

    Over the past couple weeks while struggling really, really hard in school, I came to the realization that the only reason I'm able to spend this amount of time studying and thinking is because of stuff people gave me. The government gave me a pell grant, my mom helped with rent, and student...
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    Save the Environment, KILL ME?

    I went to the pharmacy today to pick up my albuterol asthma inhaler today, and I was told that the $10 inhaler I had been using was banned because it's not environmentally friendly. I CAN'T BREATH, AND THEY'RE SAYING MY INHALER ISN'T GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT????? I have to buy 3 of those a...
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    Dear Women: Please Don't Murder Me

    I'm working on this disgustingly hard recursive sequence project trying to determine the age of the fictional Matrix (film) from information given in the story. Whilst setting up a sequence for population at a given birth cycle, I noticed something terrifying: For population growth, fertile...
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    Are we calling him Obama or The President

    Americans seemed to copy a nasty foreign habit of calling our own president "Bush" instead of president or president Bush. As a republican who voted for McCain, I'd like to be the first to start referring to Barack Obama as President Obama or simply the President. As much as I disagree with...
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    Obama is Beautiful, Tanned:ITA PM

    PM praises &squo;beautiful, tanned&squo; Obama | Herald Sun ITALIAN Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi today praised US election victor Barack Obama as young, beautiful and "tanned" and said the world saw him as a messiah. "He is young, he is beautiful and he is tanned,'' Mr Berlusconi said in...
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    US Military Deployed to Georgia with Humanitarian Aid

    FOXNews.com - Bush Orders Military to Deliver Aid to Georgia - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum YouTube - August 13, Bush speaks from the White house(1hr ago) WASHINGTON — President Bush has directed the U.S. military to lead a humanitarian mission to...
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    Spiderman Tries to Kill Bush

    Peter Parker got caught red handed. FOXNews.com - Maryland Teen Allegedly Had Weapons, Map of Camp David - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News
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    Nicotine Enhances Learning And Memory

    For all the negative things a cigarette does to your body, there is one positive - it makes you smarter. Researchers have shown that nicotine stimulated certain neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for learning and memory. Cigarettes may be bad for health and taxed to hell, but guess what...
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    Hillary's 20 Million

    Something I don't understand: why the hell is Obama using money from his campaign to pay Hillary back the 20 million she sank into her own bid for nomination? Hillary gambled on herself and lost. If someone makes a risky career move and it doesn't work out, they don't get their money back. Why...
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    UK judge: 'Alarmism' in Gore film

    Source: CNN.com Date: Friday October 12th LONDON, England (AP) -- Some of the assertions in Al Gore's Oscar-winning environmental documentary are not supported by scientific evidence, a British judge said in ruling on a challenge from a school official who did not want the film shown to...
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    Independence Day Celebration Vid

    Happy 4th. I uploaded this a day early so it had time to register with youtube's search engines. Enjoy: http://youtube.com/watch?v=H64Ym9qzaAs
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    not surprising

    whilst pirating moore's propaganda movie for the purpose of using the war footage in my own little "documentary" (I'm going to spam youtube with it until they IP ban me), I found this: ImageShack - Hosting :: notsurprisedmn9.jpg TO BE HONEST I'M NOT SURPRISED, NOT IN THE LEAST MR. BIGGLESWORTH.
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    Everyone is wrong

    Whilst standing in my kitchen heating a can of chicken soup, it occurred to me that people on the far right AND the far left always seem to be wrong at some level. Pondering upon my douchebag english professor reading his own poetry during composition II class today, I realized that since...
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    Poor there, poor everywhere?

    After blundering through economics books for awhile I've come to a general understanding and would love some clarification on it: If labor is cheap in a country, foreign businesses will purchase it to make a product at a lower cost, creating jobs? (China for example). Now the guy in America...
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    please please please tell me someone else sees the humor in this. I've never even spoken with garza before this but I just HAD to say it, it was too perfect:
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    How do you wear your second amendment?

    I wear mine in the safest place possible. I picked up this holster a few days ago and it's so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing it. sexyness.mpg - FileFront.com Fits snug and doesn't ride up. Gun holsters concealed by SmartCarry concealed holsters if anyone is interested. That's a .380 AMT...
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