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    Should Hand Sanitizer be banned from public schools?

    I don't believe that Hand sanitizer should be banned in public. I were are going bann anything, make it the Swine Flu.
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    Should Hand Sanitizer be banned from public schools?

    I don't believe that Hand sanitizer should be banned in public. If I were are going bann anything, make it the Swine Flu. Of course us good republican right wingers are strongly hoping that those dam democrats who want heath and medical care well get the flu and pass away.
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    What Would You Do?

    IN the last 3 hours of my life, what would I do? Pray, talk to children, It all depends on what sort of condition I am in at that time.
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    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    I have had love at first sight at least 5 times in my life. Of course I believe in it.
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    Is Obama doing a good job?

    He is doing a darn good job considering the huge mess he inherited from Bush. I am afraid that the terrible things inherited from Bush and that Right wing dominated congress, may have damaged us beyond repair.
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    What is the best high of all?

    A good roll in the hay with a lovely woman that I love is the best High.
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    Would you allow your 13 year old child on this forum?

    I would like to have him in High School before he posted here.
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    Which Are American Rights?

    they all seemed so American that I had vote for them all
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    Does having the right to something...?

    I would expect that only from people of similar political and social group as me. We don't expect Conservatives to like American People. Their goal is power and exploitation. Poor people wanting the American dream are a total mystery to conservatives.
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    Will aliens be friendly or hostile?

    I hope the new aliens will do better than the group of aliens that worked for and with the Bush administration. Did Bush import them from other worlds. I understand that Cheney's real name from his home planet is Cheeneeeoooployy
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    Who Was The Most Important AXIS Leader?

    I think that Hitler, Tojo, George w. Bush, and Mussolini are the most important of the rightwing axis leaders.:doh
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    The Fair Tax

    I don't support the fair tax. We still need an army, navy, airforce, schools, roads, bridges, a horse in every garage, affordable health care and food for everyone.
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    Medical Marijuana, will it be misused ?

    Many medical drugs are misused. This does not mean that they should not exist. Glaucoma is one the things that are helped by Pot.. Pain drugs are used and misused everyday. They are not removed from the market. I wonder why? Could it be that people don't like pain?
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    Executive Bonuses should not be paid with public money.

    Executive Bonuses should not be paid to CEO or AIG or any other financial organization with Public tax money.
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    George Bush Jr. was a bad President.

    Oh gosh, POOr George. He was not only a bad president but incomparison with People like Carter, George was a night mare. Carter wanted an end to war, and death. George promoted greed, war and death. I did not vote for Carter the second time, I at least understood his motives. Bush just...
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    To buy or not to buy...

    How old is the daughter that you are speaking of? I am not interested in getting this gun for a four year old. I am a democrat and a gun owner. I actually did buy a rifle and shot gun for my daughter. I think that there is no need for a fancy assault rifle. I think that Right Wingers hate...
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    Rate the administration

    It is horrible that terrible damage done to the united states by Bush and Cheney, can't be overcome over night. Bush F__Ked things up so badLY that some thing may never be corrected.
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    Should Obama debate Rush?

    I listened to Rush the other day just to get feel of what the man has become. Rush has become almost a Madd man. everything he says is pure B.S. He need to use a good laxitive. Is Rush a citizen. I heard that he was an illegal alien from Panama. make sense to me. Rush doesn't sound like...
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    Should Obama debate Rush?

    Sorry but I don't think that Rush says anything worth debating. Rush is a total jerk.
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    Do you agree with this quote?

    YOur education can be informal as well as formal.
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