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    Hate crime or not?

    Well, I was a bit surprised here. I don't have all the elements of course, but can someone explain why this isn't considered a hate crime?? Full article is here. CU Y
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    We had to kill our patients

    Well, I'm not comfortable with this one.. On one hand, I think that keeping someone alive at all costs when there is no chance of recovery and a lot of suffering is useless and cruel. On the other hand, I think there must be a strong will expressed by the patient before actively helping him/her...
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    Sky has the worst subeditors in the world ... or the best.

    I just couldn't believe it. Neither can I assure it's unedited.. Nevertheless, I thought the question must be raised: Does Sky have the worst subeditors in the world ... or the best? CU Y
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    The UN help is accepted by Bush

    In the aftermath of the deadly news we got from our american friends, the UN proposed its help. It was accepted by the Bush administration. Link is here for the full article. The UN is unvaluable for all on this planet. CU Y
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    Reuters soundman killed in Baghdad, police blame US

    Sadly enough, the press is once again a victim in this war. I hope we'll have a full and independent inquiry. Every dead journalist shuts a bit more the window we have to do good in this world.. The link to the whole story is here. CU Y
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    Pat Robertson Threads

    Will you condemn this? We see a lot of message from the right on this board asking the muslims to condemn the extremist preaches. I would also like to see the right condemn a appeal to murder from a lunatic US Xian.. The full article is here. One could hope that the site was just a...
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    UK: 'Unsuitable' firm won huge MoD contract (Halliburton-owned company)

    From today's Guardian It's not only because the company is partly owned by Halliburton, but WHY do such contracts finish in such hands? Is that "corporate governance"? If so, what is wrong? Corporate, or governance? Rest of the article through the link. CU Y
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