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    Executive Bonuses should not be paid with public money.

    Executive Bonuses should not be paid to CEO or AIG or any other financial organization with Public tax money.
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    Can we overcome the vast destruction caused by the Bush administration?

    Can we overcome the vast destruction our reputation, laws, traditions, manufacturing, our economy caused by the Bush administration?
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    Have black or brown people embraced what is right?

    I participated in the poll asking if White people if white people had embraced what is right. So I decided that this question was fair. what come around, goes around. Will some one tell me,,,,, what is Right? McCaine and Palin were right, is that what you mean or do you mean right, as...
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    Bush praised for his fight against AIDS in Africa.

    Africa World News - AIDS battle burnishes Bush's legacy in Africa Bush has done a good thing. Bush has done a good thing despite some criticism.
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    Jeb Bush Signals He's Poised to Run [edited]

    Newsmax.com - Jeb Bush Signals He&#39s Poised to Run Please Lord protect us from another brother. Just as long as he does not run for president.
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    Mrs. Bush, Rice: Bush presidency not a failure [edited]

    An interesting article. I certainly don't agreee with thinking. Politics News - Mrs. Bush, Rice: Bush presidency not a failure
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    Should Bush be sent to the Island of Elba

    Should Bush be sent to exile on the Island of Elba for the rest of his life as Napoleon was?
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    Coal for Christmas: Brooklyn man's pardon revoked

    Bush discovers that he is pardoning a Democrat. yet according to the article he was a long time criminal. Maybe he was really a Republican at heart. :rofl :spin: General News - Bush withdraws 1 of 19 pardons he issued Tuesday
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    Election spurs race threats and crimes

    Election spurs race threats and crimes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News... We had an election and we chose a new president. Totally ignorant people are threatening and acting stupid. I wonder if Bush and Cheney are behind this racial...
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    The Immediate Future / My Prediction.

    Now that Obama has won the Election, starts the real battle. Every Republican will be in the business of discrediting Obama. Republicans will do everything in their power to prevent the rebuilding of America, and they well blame it on Obama. Pure politics and our economy and our country will...
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    I can't wait.

    Daily I read the news and watch the news. I cannot wait for this campaign to get over and we can get a decent American government in Washington. Some how I hope and pray to God daily that Bush will not destroy American before Obama takes office. It is obvious that Bush and Cheney have tried...
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    Listen To the Music >>>>>>>

    I have been a fan of the Doobie Brothers since the 1970s Have been to see them 4 times. One of the very best group ever. YouTube - Doobie Brothers - Listen To The Music (High Quality) Dragonslayer
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    Stevie Ray on the Guitar. Fabulous thunderbirds

    Stevie Ray Vaughn gone but missed. YouTube - Stevie Ray Vaughan and the FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS
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    Room Full of Blues

    Great music YouTube - Turn It On Turn It Up - Roomful of Blues w/Dave Howard
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    In The Secret Places

    “I saw in a vision, that you were here waiting. The last of your kind on Earth, waiting in secret, bringing your eggs to the time of hatching I had to know, will the dragons return to destroy us? I asked. She had large eyes and horns on her head. Fire and smoke came from her mouth. An anxious...
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    New Neo Republican Anthem

    don't tell me this poll is bias. of couse it is. New Neo Republican Anthem They have the whole World in their hands They have the whole world in their hands They have the whole world in their hands The Corporate rulers of the lands We hate all the poor folks of the land We hate all the...
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    Elephant poop

    This is how I see it. I wonder how can anyone believe in Bush? How can people support the chaos he has caused? How can one deny his damage? How can anyone want to vote Republican in the next election? Do we truly want another president that no matter what he says is a lie and whose action...
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    Greedy Power lovers Greedy power lovers Rule and disrupt the world Gathering gold fillings from the dead Senyru Cutting taxes, slows progress An economy poorly managed A band aid on a broken arm Leaders wish and wash Convenient issues forgotten History rewritten The best of my life Changes...
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    political poetry

    George W. Bush struggles to maintain failed thoughts and acts Death and greed, Oh Boy. Where have our dreams gone? We see starvation, bigotry, illness and We feel satisfied What is left or Right? Why do we need greed and death Where has America gone? The sick are dying, “Good.” says our...
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    what is going on?

    We have been fighting in this war far to long. We hear about the Surge, we hear about progress being made. What the heck does it all mean? What is the surge accomplishing? We hear about less bombings and attacks. Yet the war goes an an Americans and Iraqis and other are dying for nothing. We...
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