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  1. jcueckert13

    DOJ affirms the 2nd ammendment as an individual right

    [/center] its about time
  2. jcueckert13

    I'm back!!!

    for the next few months before i am sent back into exile at college.
  3. jcueckert13

    have you pissed off a liberal today?

    i just got off the phone after this guy called me and asked my to do a phone survey. this survey was so incredibly biased towards john kerry that after the first couple minutes (this survey took 20 minutes) you could tell by the tone of his voice that this guy was getting aggravated with my...
  4. jcueckert13

    black abortion=genoside

    http://www.blackelectorate.com/print_article.asp?ID=657 i found this information interesting reading. another article i was reading stated that there are 1400 abortions a day by black women and that equals 58.3 abortions per hour. according to this article blacks only make up 12.9% of the...
  5. jcueckert13


    im new to the board and figured i would say hello to everyone
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