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  1. FISHX

    us supreme court nears crucial abortion ruling

    02 February 2006 08:13 The United States Supreme Court moved a step closer on Wednesday to taking up its first case on abortion since the appointment of two judges of President George Bush's choosing, after two federal appeals courts ruled that a ban on a termination procedure was...
  2. FISHX

    F.a.o Steen .

    Steen can i pick your brain please just a question i need clearing up. If a woman has had a partial hystrectomy(uterus removal only not tubes and ovaries) is it possible for her to later go on to have an abdominal pregnancy and if so do you know what if any the risks to the baby/fetus are? Thanks.
  3. FISHX

    Ot Sorry Didn,t Know Where To Put This

    Culture of Life: Pull the plug on conscious patients - W's law. by YucatanMan Wed Dec 14, 2005 at 01:19:30 PM PDT No one here can forget the spectacle made over the death of Terri Schiavo, whose brain had died long, long ago. But in Texas, the law George W. Bush signed as governor allows...
  4. FISHX

    how many pro choicers terminated?

    How many pro choicers have terminated or lived through termination? You hear all the time about this grand choice how many have actualy used the right to choose
  5. FISHX

    Situation in china

    What are peoples veiws termination due to gender as with the china situation? 1. Most Americans would consider infanticide to be morally wrong. However, infanticide is widely practiced throughout the world. Is infanticide necessarily immoral and, if so, is it universally wrong? By what...
  6. FISHX

    Parental notification

    Are you for or against and what reasons behind your answer?
  7. FISHX

    Proposition 73 divides voters over abortion

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SACRAMENTO – Just three years ago, Gov. Gray Davis referred to California as "arguably the most pro-choice" state in the nation. In the Nov. 8 special election, abortion opponents have their best chance in three...
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