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    Do politicians really represent us?

    I have to ask in the wake that the C.A.F.T.A. bill was passed in the house, and now is going to GWB desk to be signed. A while back the senate passed the the C.A.F.T.A bill. The state where I live was hit very hard by the N.A.F.T.A. bill, and residents in polls were very much against the new...
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    To fire or not to fire?

    should BUsh fire Rove for leaking information about a CIA agent?
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    Illegal Immigrates rights?

    I Just read in TIME magazine where they are wanting to give in state tuition to illegal immigrates if they are attending college in the state where they are living! Am I the only one that is seeing as very wrong? First these are people that are breaking the law being in the country illegally...
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    Do you think that the North American free trade agreement?

    Do you think the North American free trade agreement is causing great harm to the USA's economy?
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    What are we becoming?

    I have to ask that question. I have watched politics for years. I'm also a huge fan of political history. We can learn from past mistakes. We can also learn from past trends in politics. Lets look at Hitler, he came into power by putting people in powerful positions that were yes people to him...
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