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    If only Terri were a porpoise.

    I live in a coastal area. Dolphins, seals and whales occasionally wash ashore. And when they are still alive, there is always the usual mass mobilization of well-intended people sloshing water on the animal to keep it hydrated, or trying to poke its mouth with fish meal or whatever concoction...
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    Stravation vs. Lethal injection...why not, Liberals?

    Odd how worlds collide..... It occured to me as the liberal democrats are blathering on and on about 'right to die' this, and 'dignity of death' that ,and that they are the ones who demanded lethal injeciton for death row inmates, (then they hold a candle-light vigil :lamo )., they should have...
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    The middle east may be cracking...

    Here's an interesting article from the Jordan Times http://www.jordantimes.com/fri/news/news7.htm There are the usual criticisms of the west, and the US in particular, but if you carefully consider the fact that Bush is even considered as responsible for anything good in the M.E., by...
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    unwanted notices

    how do I get reply notifications not sent to my emaill address?
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    I can't believe we're still debating the election

    Democrats lost.........and by a bigger margin in 2000, with Florida (the DNC's big hope) slapping Kerry in the face. W picked up seats in both the house and senate, governors, and will soon fix the courts. This topic is a bandwidth waster.
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    It's time for compulsory service

    I was just debating with a teenage twit on the 'come in and say hi' thread. (nameless), and it occurred to me that one can only know suffering when one suffers. This kid (like so many pampered lilberals) are quite willing to criticize the actions of people in uniform from 7000 miles away, far...
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    The real debate on gay marriage

    I've noticed all these 'is anti gay marriage amendment constitutional' type threads here. Let's get it straight right here and now: The militant GAYS launched this war by judge shopping in Massachussets last year. An activist, off-the-rails judge, WITHOUT ANY INPUT FROM DISSENTERS issued a...
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    Ave Centurio!

    (that roughly means 'Hello, leader') Strangelove here. Why the bizarre name? Simple. My favorite character in my favorite movie. I love to debate, but tend to have little patience for those who do not listen. I am a former liberal democrat turned avid conservative after seeing the left blame...
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