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  1. AndrewStebbins

    O'Connor Retires

    Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Conner has retired from the US Supreme Court, and the Bush Admin. is looking for a quick appointment to replace here. O'Conner was often a swing voter, voting less conservatively then her fellow Justices. Rehnquiest has still not announced any public retirement...
  2. AndrewStebbins

    You voted for him...

    Recently President Bush's approval ratings have slipped.... I see Republicans who obviously voted for him complaining, and honestly don't feel sorry for them. They voted for him. We thank you immensely! Andrew
  3. AndrewStebbins

    The social well being...

    I thought this would be a hot one so I decided to post it down here in the basement, dont worry I locked the door behind me. Recently I've been thinking about this, and Im sure many of you have already understood this for years... I've noticed that the hardcore religious folks give all of...
  4. AndrewStebbins

    DC: Greatest American

    Recently there was a show to find the Greatest American. The Top 100: Included- Ellen DeGeneres, Babe Ruth, Michael Jackson, and Ronald Reagan The Top 25: Included- Bill Gates, Elvis Presley, and Ronald Reagean The Top 10: Included- Oprah Winfrey, Clinton, GW Bush, and Ronald Reagan The...
  5. AndrewStebbins


    I am sick and tired of ignorance in this country and around the world. ig·no·rance (gnr-ns) n. The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed. But I know it is something that will always exist, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Live with it.... Andrew
  6. AndrewStebbins


    Sorry - But now that I have your attention, please allow myself to introduce...myself. Again, sorry. My name is Andrew, I live in New York State. I go to a public school in a town with the population of about 4,500. Mostly white-collared Republicans, or Republican farmers. You get the...
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