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    I've figured it out and our government is stupid

    There are no WMDs in Iraq, Chuck Norris lives in Oklahoma. That is simple common knowledge.
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    Privitized Social Security

    I need arguments for and against Privitezed Social Security. What are the benifets and what are the weaknesses of this?
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    Stealers RULE!

    This year we've got it in the bag! We are winning it all. Nobody can compete with us! We will crush you all!
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    Who's ready for the Xbox 360?

    I'm really into videogames and I cannot wait for the 360 and espscially Halo 3. How about you?
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    How Can a Christian Support Abortion?

    "I have knit you in your mother's womb" "I've loved you before the world began" So apparently God thinks an unborn baby is a life, so how could any Christian support it and it not be a sin? Because in case you didn't know. Killing a life is murder and deffinetly a sin.
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    Any Christians for the Death Penalty?

    I'm sorry, but I don't see how a Christian can support the death penalty. Most Christians will say "Eye for an eye, and ear for an ear", but why would you depend on the old testament for punishment when in the old testament they would stone rape victims. Should we do that? No! I believe in a...
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    Who's Your Favorite College Team?

    I'm one of those people that believe that college sports are soooo much better than professional ones. My favorite team is the Arizona Wildcats. I have been since I was born. My dad grew up in Tuscon, AZ. We have like a Arizona shrine in our house and everything. I also despise Duke and...
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    In Memory Of

    As a boy went out last Sunday night as he unloaded cows he fell off the truck on some bobwire fence. He had an anurism. He died in 7th grade. I'm just asking for all of your prayers for the family and my school.
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    Post here if you're under 18

    Just wanted to know who is under 18. Just say hi or something then say your age.
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    Are you for changing the filibuster law?
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    Liberals are sick!

    Liberals just say feotus just to cover up how sick they really are. What if you were an aborted baby? Would you say to your mom-" Mom it's ok that you didn't want to take care of me. You were right. Killing me was the best thing that you have ever done." KILL KILL KILL!
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    Forget everything I've said

    I have said earlier that I'm against the war, but that has changed. Everyone deserves a democracy and democracy is for everyone. Maybe if you liberals would stop being bitter and only care about money then you can care for the people who have had a horrible life living in a country run by a...
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    Lovin Politics Since 10 years old

    Ever since kindergarden I loved politcs, but never understood which party stood for what. At ten I asked my dad what each party stood for. I told him not to make dems sound bad ( he's a huge Republican) or Republicans sound overly good. How many years have all of you been into politics?
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    Good things Liberals have done.

    They fought for African American rights when they were in slavery. Jesus taught us about love and kindness and a reason for us to live. They fought for women's rights to vote. What have the liberals of today done to help America. They help the population by killing babies and promoting sin...
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    Who's a Christian, Catholic, etc.. pro- choice supporter

    Just want to see what the religious people have to say about this thread. Especially the ones who are pro-choice. Just give me a yes or no with a small explaination.
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    Is anti-gay unconstitutional

    I'm a huge conservative, but isn't not letting gays marry unconstitutional. If we live in a free country how come we can't choose our sexual preferance? How come we can choose our religion, but not our partner? Being gay, I beleive, is a sin, but it's constitutional. America isn't gonna follow...
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