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  1. liberal1

    Does Atheism Inherently Endorse Nihilism?

    And, if so, is it a bad thing?
  2. liberal1

    Roman Gods?

    How does christianity differ from the Roman Gods, that is, how can christians confirm that they have divine providence and all other religions concerning a God or multiple gods are invalid?
  3. liberal1

    Sick of England

    I hope that Barcelona thumps Arsenal, all that English footballing superiority makes me sick! I hope Henri breaks his leg. Beat the Brits at their own game, the bastards...
  4. liberal1

    John Brown

    Matyr agaisnt slavery, or simply deluded?
  5. liberal1

    What is Religion?

    Some of you might say that religion is a way of life, but hasn't the actions of some, dispute the values of religion? In other words, are religion and a way of life just a correlation? Is religion could be having faith in some omnipotent perfect being? But then, you have the conflictiing ideals...
  6. liberal1

    People Don't Really Believe in an Afterlife

    When someone dies, there are great ceremonies to prolong our sadness, our mourning. Yet why? If you are a Christian or Muslim or other person that believes in a heaven and hell, shouldn't your faith stop you from mourning? Shouldn't this gurantee of an afterlife save you from agony, where you...
  7. liberal1

    Origins of today's militia

    To me, the formation of a militia is based on two things, conspiracy or paranoia, and troubling economic times. Now take it back to the 18th century. You're a colonist, Britain is imposing somewhat imposing laws (the Stamp Act, Coercive Acts, Proclamation of 1763 etc.) and life isn't going to...
  8. liberal1

    Liberal and Conservative Policies Should be Reversed

    It appears to me that democrats are often judged as sensitive moralists and are to such an extreme they are afraid to take action. I would take it also that conservatives take advantage of this, but (I'm going to make a generalization here) I often see that conservatives are centered around...
  9. liberal1

    Christians Manipulate the Bible

    It seems to me that the only sections that Christians quote in the Bible are those that out down homosexuality and all of this peace and love and saving your eternal soul and fearing God. If the Bible is the "path to god" but some of it is convenietly ignored.
  10. liberal1

    Alternate Resources Must Be Found

    Looking at the resources we use today, how much longer will they last. Oil, coal, lumber etc. are all being utilized much too fast, and will soon run out. Earth's population is an exponent, there is no stopping it. The future looks bleak, do we use birth control like China is doing, do we use...
  11. liberal1

    No Respect for the Younger Generation

    Each day teenagers are pounded into them how useless, lazy, and ignorant they are. Our entire focus is trying to fix what's wrong with the new generation that values virtual "gaming" more than reality. Now, I am not trying to dismiss the reports of rising obesity and all the rest, but I do wish...
  12. liberal1

    Don't read this, You Won't care in the slightest.

    As with all teenagers trends come and go in my hormone ridden body. However, I have returned, though I am sure that it makes no difference whatsoever to you if some egotistical, spoiled American teenager is going to post their so called incoherent, parent influenced, views on politics. (If...
  13. liberal1

    Do public schools support gay discrimination?

    I'm not saying that the school administration is supporting discrimination, but it certainly makes no effort to stop it. The worst thing to be called in school is gay. I ask them why it is such a bad thing, and my pupil says something ignorant like, ohh their disgusting. And, the administration...
  14. liberal1

    Michigan and Ohio joke

    A boy and his friend are on a frozen lake in Michigan when a dog attacks the boy's friend. The boy jumps on the dog and kills it by breaking it's neck. A reporter sees this and starts talking to the kid. he says, " I'll make it a headline, Young Lions Fan Saves Friend From Vicious Dog." "I'm not...
  15. liberal1

    My goal is to own the thread sheet. Ha Ha. Can't be stopped.

    my paln is to take over this whole sheet by creating threads, all made by me. You will be crushed if you try to stop me!
  16. liberal1

    Is there a God?

    I thought this would be an interesting topic and touchy topic to raise. What is your thought on the existence or non existence of God?
  17. liberal1

    Video games and their effect on kid's intellignece, health etc.

    I think (as a kid) that video games are becoming a problem. I have some friends that spend 4-6 hours a day on playing video games. I normally spend 2-3 hours total a day on the internet and TV. :comp: :twisted:
  18. liberal1

    Space discovery and problems on earth (relation)

    I believe that the title is unclear because of the limited space. Anyway, back onto my topic. I believe that this is useful to expand out knowledge with an additional 12.00$ tax because we already spend hundreds of tax dolllars on killing people.
  19. liberal1

    Am I too young for this?

    I am only thirteen but I enjoy arguments and politics, so I found this on google. I can't talk political with my friends because 1. Of their obscured realitiesand distorted views plus 2 They are major Christians and Catholics (I'm a buddhist) so I can't argue philosophy with them. Anyway:Am I...
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