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  1. Bustabush

    Mod This Gallon Rocks!

    Hey looks like my friends have come. Thanks cnredd. :2wave: Ivan your *** was just Moded!
  2. Bustabush

    And public schools are USELESS?

    Lets not go overboard! :lol:
  3. Bustabush

    Who is your favorite member on this site?

    Galenrox is the best man. I love his post!
  4. Bustabush

    Mod This Gallon Rocks!

    That's not what cnredd told me. Maybe Ivan's *****? cnredd and RightatNYU for starters. Hey that's not so bad... Maybe I should call you at girl the conservative monkey! Swing monkey!
  5. Bustabush

    Mod This Gallon Rocks!

    I tried but you keep changeing IPs! But I will figer out a way. Shut the **** up. Everyone likes RINOs!
  6. Bustabush

    I'm Starting to Lead Towards Anarchism

    Scarecrow Akhbar, Hey you bet me to the punch man. I was sooo planing to nial galenrox with this one. ;) But Back to our argument. Plenty... Just so I know were you stand before I continue. Are you suggesting that science we as humans are imperfect we can't do any thing right?
  7. Bustabush

    Mod This Gallon Rocks!

    Jackass 1.499 has been banned-ed. For his lack of smacking skill. So says the Leader of the Evil RINO Mods!
  8. Bustabush

    I'm Starting to Lead Towards Anarchism

    I support this completely! That is your reasoning? Come on.....
  9. Bustabush

    Mod This Gallon Rocks!

    Yeah and free Ecko colthing!
  10. Bustabush

    Mod This Gallon Rocks!

    You missed the party Kelzie. I am the leader of the RINO Mod Squad! Join!
  11. Bustabush

    To all Liberal Acolyte Applicants

    I thought so... So what's your take?
  12. Bustabush

    I'm Starting to Lead Towards Anarchism

    Galenrox man looks like we clash on ecnomics again... Nice post by the way. Why not perfect?
  13. Bustabush

    To all Liberal Acolyte Applicants

    Nice Real McCoy. I don't think the State should have the power sentence a man to death just because you still believe in the outdated eye for an eye crap. Agreed. I think that was more or less a political stunt than a real proposal.
  14. Bustabush

    Mod This Gallon Rocks!

    Come on now... You think I would just Banned-ed some one just because I didn't agree with him? Yeah I banned-ed him. He was a ****ing ass that didn't follow the RINO way. And so was Banned-ed. What's your point? You still have yet to take me off your list asshole.
  15. Bustabush

    Is 'Debate Politics' fair & balanced?

    I think it fair for the most part. I also think there is to much name calling topside however. GarzaUK, I beg to differ. To me this site seams more liberal. Have to agree with Jamesrage too. I'm an independent myself. But if you look at my post you my think I was conservative. I really not.
  16. Bustabush

    Government theory

    Agree! :2razz: Not sure what you mean. Could you explain?
  17. Bustabush

    The No billo Prize Poll (most creative poster at DP)

    I voted Galonrox. He has some good stuff.
  18. Bustabush


    Well yah... Duh...
  19. Bustabush

    The Vanity of Abortion Debate

    I can see how. It's painful man!
  20. Bustabush

    Right at New York University

    Wait a sec... This thing is about RightatNYU?
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