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    400 lb. Mike Moore on the Comedy Show

    Congratulations. In terms of what, exactly? The US has the top medical facilities in the world. Should it? Some see full medical coverage as a basic right. I don’t. Military Budget for Canada 10.9 Billion (2005 figures) Military Budget for the US 420.7 Billion
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    400 lb. Mike Moore on the Comedy Show

    They have health insurance. I'm all for helping people. But let's not get carried away. If people like Moore get what they want we will all pay **** load more in taxes to pay for socialized medicine. Frankly, I say screw it if it comes down to that. Selfish? Maybe. But irrelevant.
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    House OKs plan to withdraw US troops

    :monkey They have coward since the man took office in 2001. I'd be damn if my integrity would be worth a few more years in office. The few who stood up to Bush early were abandoned and feed to the Rove lying slander machine. So I have no love for the Dems.
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    U.S. Aborted Raid on Qaeda Chiefs in Pakistan in ’05

    Good point. And keep in mind that there has been at least one other failed attempt in Paki (a missile strike in a village), I don’t remember if that was before or after this, but it could have played a role in the decision. The intelligence would have to be unquestionable if it were my...
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    Gonzales Was Told of FBI Violations After Bureau Sent Reports, Attorney General Said

    Re: Gonzales Was Told of FBI Violations After Bureau Sent Reports, Attorney General S TOJ, I’m sure he’s talking about the New York Yankees. 26 world series sounds about right for them. As to the AG lying to congress? Meh.. They can wiggle out of lies by arguing intent and parsing the...
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    Britain convicts its first online-terror culprits

    Hi Peter. I'm sure the mods can defend themselves, but just a quick question. Do you not see the difference in this: Which is in reference to your comment or opinion and this: Which is a direct insult of the person? In other words, I could say something like "That is crazy". But...
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    Britain convicts its first online-terror culprits

    Well that too. I'm just in the habit of pointing out, when on the subject, that a representative democracy is a form of a republic, to avoid the old democracy versus republic argument, whereas people confuse the classic definition of democracy with what we practice today in the US and also...
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    Britain convicts its first online-terror culprits

    The more compulsory, the more tyrannical. I have always heard this as a criticism of direct democracy, rather than socialism. Socialists systems could just as well be authoritarian, whereas direct democracy, by definition can't be. But as you point out, the result is about the same. The...
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    Sharpton blasts Georgia DA and takes a stab at Bush

    The judge did not have a choice I think due to mandatory sentencing guidelines. The state AG, who appealed the ruling by an appellate judge that would have set the boy free, is black byw. I find it strange how law enforcement and DA's and the like can get such tight tunnel vision on things...
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    Judge lifts injunction on 'DC madam' phone records

    :lol: Very good. A thanks to u sir.
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    Britain convicts its first online-terror culprits

    This alleged "guy" looked very odd to me. Almost goth.
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    400 lb. Mike Moore on the Comedy Show

    Do you have evidence of this? A source? I know that grocery stores collect and sell data if you use their discount card and no doubt credit card companies do (which is outrageous if they do it without consent IMO), but if credit cards and insurance companies have some kind of arrangement to...
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    FOX News praises Sicko.

    Does not surprise me a bit. I have always stated that Clinton is a righty.
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    Fox News at it again

    What precedent would it set? Would FOX have to be careful of what crap they slop up on the screen? Will they have to actually investigate stories and check sources? You're right. That would be horrible. If you broadcast something and that broadcast results in some kind of damage, you are...
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    Russia lays claim to the North Pole - and all its gas, oil, and diamonds

    This is not good. We should strongly reject this. Hopefully the rest of the world will join us.
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    Fox News at it again

    Shouldn't this thread be a sticky now?
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    Fox News at it again

    I don't mind bias, but propaganda gets old.
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    Fox News at it again

    Indeed. One day I was in a restaurant eating lunch and the TV was on. I wasn’t watching it but listening to it. They went on and on about some arcane news story that outlets like AP, BBC, and the major networks just touched on. I was wondering “why the hell are they going on and on about...
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    Studies Say Death Penalty Deters Crime

    I give them more credit than they deserve, IMO. Because it may affect whether or not the crime is counted as a murder, which would then affect the number of murders used in the studies.
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