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  1. Lilith

    All your Hair are belong to us

    Missouri has put a new law through... a young person can now not have their pubic hair waxed without parental consent. This is not even LITTLE children we're talking about, that's already on the books, even though I think it was already too strict. But nooooooo, now 16 and 17 year olds must have...
  2. Lilith

    Scr** the Brew... drink Mead!

    Teach and Southern... the choice is not Pez or Cheerwine... trust me. Mead is the sweet tasty goodness you seek. Being a longtime lover of Pez (have a drawer full of dispensers) and Cheerwine, I value my opinion. ;) My personal favorite is this one. It is so yummy and sweet, yet very wine like...
  3. Lilith

    Your Child is Homosexual

    Sometimes all the squabbling is just dizzying. So many agendas, so little time. So I ask you to look at it this way and argue this point. What would be your reaction if your adult-ish child told you he/she were homosexual. Seriously. How do you think you would react? Would it be good, bad...
  4. Lilith

    auto log off?

    is there a way you can reset the autologoff time? it's completely annoying to be browsing sites... come back and I'm not officially logged off, but "new posts" are gone... OY!
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