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  1. RedAkston

    this is a good site.

    Closing this before it gets out of hand. There are plenty of forums to debate aside from this one.
  2. RedAkston

    Smart TV and Smarter TV?

    You're really better off with a plug in device (Roku, Tivo Stream, Apple TV, etc...). The built in software in Smart TV's doesn't allow most of the apps to be added because it's limited to the contracts the TV manufacturers have with the app providers. I have a Tivo Stream plugged into my TCL...
  3. RedAkston


    If you click on your icon just to the left of your PM notifications (looks like an envelope) a window will pop up and you can click on 'Bookmarks'.
  4. RedAkston

    New section/subforum for ideological discussions

    Thanks for the suggestion but we see no need for a new forum like this.
  5. RedAkston

    Has DP considered allowing members to report posts with obvious lies with an expectation that they would be deleted?

    We don't have the patience either. As for patients, we aren't allowed to talk about that due to HIPPA regulations. :p
  6. RedAkston

    Reply button at the top of threads now!

    There is an announcement at the top of every page covering this.
  7. RedAkston

    xF Bugs thread

    to get to the normal toolbar.
  8. RedAkston

    Resurrecting Old Threads Question

    There isn't a set time frame and we don't typically take action unless we run across someone reviving multiple old threads.
  9. RedAkston

    [W:186] The latest false narrative

    Knock off the personal attacks and over the top flaming and baiting.
  10. RedAkston

    Thanks to Your Star

    Due to inactivity, we are de-modding Your Star. I'd like to thank YS for her contributions to the moderation team.
  11. RedAkston

    Zero tolerance for violent rhetoric

    There will be zero tolerance for violent rhetoric surrounding the events today in Washington DC. Regardless of the circumstances, baiting or personal attacks, you will be dealt with severely if you take this path. What happened today in Washington DC was a sad day for America and Americans, all...
  12. RedAkston

    Edit function

    Its working just fine. You only have 20 minutes to edit a post - FYI
  13. RedAkston

    [W:236] Name them and shame them or let them do their jobs?

    If one is unable to debate in this thread with civility and without attacking other posters they will be dealt with.
  14. RedAkston

    DP Fantasy Football 2020 (fingers crossed)

    Congrats @Hari Seldon on winning the league this year!
  15. RedAkston

    [W:135] Great book to study The Problem with Lincoln

    Knock off the name calling and stick to the topic.
  16. RedAkston

    Thanks to azgreg

    azgreg has decided to step down as a Dungeon Master. I'd like to thank him for his humor, wit and sarcasm (and not necessarily in that order).
  17. RedAkston

    Welcome to ttwtt78640!

    The Moderation Team would like everyone to welcome @ttwtt78640 as our newest Moderator.
  18. RedAkston


    The page information doesn't show at the top on mobile devices. However if you turn your phone, it shows up in landscape mode.
  19. RedAkston

    Unable to find forum on tapatalk?

  20. RedAkston

    Happy Holidays from Debate Politics

    On behalf of the staff of Debate Politics, I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2021 be a better year than 2020!
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